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8 Knock Em Dead Content Marketing Tips for Your Blog

By Mar 20, 201425 Comments

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We’ve all heard “content is king”, after all it has been an online cliché for years now, but it’s just not true. Content by itself, no matter how good the content is, is just content.

Content won’t transform your blog or business into what you want it to be, and it won’t get you where you need to go. Your business needs exposure to grow but it won’t grow until you add one important thing, content marketing.

tips for content marketing

 8 Content Marketing Tips for Your Blog

Here are some tips for marketing your blog to help you better understand what drives our content marketing.

1.) Build Trust with Your Audience

Allow people to get to know your personality. When you create useful, interesting, and valuable content and your personality shines though, your audience learns they can trust you. People feel like they know you, respect you, and understand you. They learn that you know your topic, and they get a sense of what it would be like to work with you.

2.) Develop Your Content Marketing Plan

Create an editorial calendar. Plan your blog’s marketing events for the year and use public holidays to your advantage to create inspiration around which to develop your content. In addition to public holidays, consider annual events like blog conferences that apply to your niche.

3.) Optimize Your Content

Your content isn’t finished once it’s written or created. You still have to market its attractiveness to your readers. At a minimum optimize each post by focusing the post on a keyword phrase, include internal and external links, and add search friendly text and alt tags to images.

4.) Attract Tribes

Whatever your goals are, partnerships and tribes are often the smartest way to get there. Consider asking fans, customers and other people who follow you to help tell your story from their point of view. When you’re passionate about creating excellent content, you’ll find that potential partners are attracted to your drive.

5.) Think, Do, Reflect, Repeat

Content marketing requires thinking before you do, and considering why you are doing what you’re doing. Take a big-picture approach. Self-reflect on the past months or years, set achievable goals for yourself and your business, get to know the people you’re talking to and understanding that before your content can make an impression it has to be discovered.

6.) Create a Conversation

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own site we forget that to venture out into the Internet. Visit other blogs, Facebook groups and forums to create a conversation with others. Creating conversations with others will help you with #4 attracting tribes. The more you are out their conversing with others the better it is for your online marketing.

7.) Gather Information

If you are serious about marketing your blog then you need to offer your readers information. If you are a mom blogger then consider offering tips for raising kids, making life run smoother or anything else a mom would want to know about. Take some time to think about your niche and what your readers want to know.

8.) Reduce Your SEO Dependency

We stress that SEO is important and it is! With that said you don’t want to base your online marketing solely on search engines. Keep SEO in mind when writing your content but you should also be following the steps above to drive traffic from other sources.


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Stacy is a mom blogger who shares her experiences raising multiples and parenting a child with multiple food allergies. Somewhere between wrangling her four children, her dog and her husband, she still finds the much-needed girl time for a glass of wine while crafting. If she sounds like your standard mom blogger think again: this woman has some serious guts! She’s squared up with a mountain lion while hiking in the Tahoe national forest and she’s also picked up a baby rattlesnake and lived to tell the tale. Get to know the Chuck Norris of parenting bloggers.


  • When you talk about “Tribe” are you discussing the Tribr website or a more organic group of people who blog in your niche?

    I am a book blogger, and I live in one of the states Amazon has pulled out of for tax reasons (and other affiliate programs have too). I also read romance and erotica because it’s what I like and one of the fastest growing segments of the publishing industry. Although it is a legit genre, it’s hard for me to qualify for ad sense and other programs because of the “family content” rule. Half the book covers I show are nearly naked dudes. I am wondering if there you all have any suggestions for me – I don’t show really “adult” stuff, but what I read and review is for adults and then I talk about it like an adult, usually almost clinically.

  • So true about trust and letting people get to know you. I can’t tell you how many times someone has purchased a course or my book and then saying: “I’ve been following you for months” People want to know you’re real before they invest in your offer.

  • Rea says:

    These are excellent tips! I’ve always struggled with SEO and although I’m slowly learning about it, I also don’t want it to be sole purpose of my blogging. Thanks once again! 🙂

  • Gary Kerr says:

    A well written article on online marketing.This article was full of good advice and tips that I don’t make any mistakes. As improving marketing for your blog I request to everyone who engaged with SEO must follow these tips.Thanks for sharing information over here.

  • Great tips! I especially like the one about reducing SEO dependency , I always feel as though I should try and write more targeted to SEO but never get around too it as I don’t think my readers would enjoy that style of writing.

  • These are great tips!! I work in SEO at my full time time, and #8 is definitely true. While the SERPS are important to keep in mind, it’s more important to write your content for humans than for the robots. Google is becoming more and more human like, and can pick up on sites that are trying too hard 🙂

  • I loved these tips! I do think too much about SEO. I have started to go out and see other blogs, enjoy them and comment on them. Bloggers are naturally friendly, I get very excited when I comment and they comment back! 🙂

  • Julie says:

    Great advice, thanks~

  • Ashlee says:

    I love the “reduce SEO dependency!” People can get really wrapped up in SEO, stats, comments, etc. and get distracted from writing good content. I have the SEO plugin by Yoast and although I strive to make that dot green for good SEO, if there’s something I want to say/do that doesn’t give me the green dot, I’m okay with that because it’s what I wanted for my blog.

  • I need to be marketing my content better. Right now, I am trying to build my tribe. Although I have been blogging half heartedly for quite awhile, I am now giving it much greater attention and consistency. Thanks for all the advice given here.

  • Thank you for all the valuable tips, Stacy, much appreciated!

  • Wonderful advice! I need to get more personal and share a little more about my life with my readers. I focus more on treatments and products I adore.

  • Lori Hil says:

    Being working more on the “create a conversation.” Makes a huge difference to get out of our own little worlds. Thanks for the tips!

  • Jamma says:

    I’m soaking in all the great advice and information out there! This article opened my eyes a little more to the avenues I can take with my blogging. I’m still very new, practically green I’m so new!, and trying to find ways to build an audience, while trying to stay focused on building relationships with the audience I do have. Plus!, I would love to find other bloggers that I can call my tribe 🙂

  • Madison says:

    I love these tips! The SEO one is my favorite. I know it’s important, but you want to make sure your blog remains genuine.

  • These are such great suggestions. I really don’t capitalize on holidays enough… I should start doing that more often.

    I’m a diligent blog follower/commenter, I just wish I had more time to do this more often. I spend about 1 hour per day commenting on others’ blogs and it’s not nearly enough.

    Thanks again for these great tips.

  • Charlotte says:

    All really great tips (and some of these I’m trying to fit into my daily blogging schedule). There’s always so much to learn and so many ways to grow as a blogger… I really love that SITS has these invaluable posts. Even though I’ve been doing this for a while, it’s easy to STILL feel like the new kid on the block 🙂

  • #6 is definitely a game changer. Of course, as long as you don’t spam them with reasons to go to your blog. Plus, if they like your blog, they’ll probably recommend it to similar people! It’s a win-win situation.

  • NailCentric says:

    Great tips, thanks!

  • Wonderful advice….I am opening up more with my blogs and somedays, I just throw SEO out the window!

  • Megan says:

    Great advice! I believe I’ve really done well with #4 and #6, but I could use some work in the other areas.

  • These tips help stoke the blogging fires : )

    I need to embrace tips #2 and #6.

  • Roaen says:

    All great tips! #4 and #6 have been very useful to me so far!