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How to Optimize Images for SEO

By May 9, 2014July 8th, 201417 Comments

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You want search engines to find your blog, but when they do, can they see your pictures? It is easier than you might think to optimize images for SEO. Following these simple steps will help your blog to rank higher in image searches.

Optimize Images For Seo

How To Optimize Images for SEO

Chances are if you’re a blogger trying to get more page views and/or monetizing your blog, you’ve heard about SEO – or Search Engine Optimization – and how awesome it is. As the name suggest it’s all about getting that Google juice and making it easy for people to find you on search engines. There’s lot of articles on optimizing blog posts but today I thought I’d talk about how you can optimize images for SEO, the tips here are easy to implement on both Blogger and WordPress!

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