5 Ways You’re Failing Facebook

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Facebook is so much more than a way to keep up with our friends and family. These days, do you know who is on Facebook? Everyone. Everyone you’ve ever met, their sister and their mom. Probably YOUR mom.

You get the idea.

These days, you can find something for everyone on Facebook, which is exactly why you should be using it for your blog. In fact, using Facebook can increase engagement more than almost any social network, making it a powerful social marketing tool. So, why aren’t you seeing a return?


Five things you’re doing wrong on Facebook.

1. You don’t have a Facebook Fan Page. I know some of you are appalled at the thought of not having one- and then some are appalled at the thought of making one! But, having a place for people to learn more about what YOU are all about is essential in creating your social footprint, and right now, like it or not, that place is on Facebook. Whether you are looking to promote sales or connect with others to grow your blog, creating that Facebook Fan page is going to help you do it.

2. You’re not using it. How many of us are guiltily nodding along to this one? I cannot tell you the number of times I have doled out this advice for years; use your Facebook page. Post regularly. Add content. There may not be a ton going on at first, but the more you build, the more they will come.  Making yourself accessible, relatable, and engaging will do the most for your engagement. More engagement means more readers, which equals more success for you- and that all starts with using it.

3. You don’t make it easy to like you. Facebook is smart–they make themselves accessible everywhere. And where they don’t, we do it for them. Including on our blogs. The biggest way to be failing Facebook is to not connect to it. Make it easy for people to like you and continually see your content. Go to https://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like-box/. Fill out the super-easy boxes to customize it to your liking. Get the html code and add it right into your blog in the widget area. Facebook is THAT accessible. Sharing content easily seems to make you want to share more content–good lesson learned, no?

4. You don’t share the love. Do you have a friend who is all about me, me, me? Do you also hide her from your Facebook feed? Us too. Remember, engagement is about just that–engaging. Make sure you visit other pages and friends and contribute content that is of interest to everyone. You love when someone visits your page-the same goes true for other people, bloggers, friends, or companies.

5. You’re not sharing interesting content/links from others on your wall. Don’t be afraid that sharing other content will drive people away; instead, focus on the fact that fans will appreciate the content. If you’re promoting a new cookbook share some awesome links from other recipe blogs. If you’re all about the latest trends, share a link to a  new eye makeup tutorial from one of your favorite blogs. The possibilities are endless, and sharing resources makes you a resource.

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  • Full Report says:

    Thanks for the purpose of delivering this sort of superior written content.

  • Kate says:

    I’ve been blogging less than a year, yet just started my facebook fan page. It’s new and a work in progress. So I love when I read tips like the ones you posted. It’s a big help to me to get my fan page up and running. Thanks!

  • Carli says:

    One thing I don’t understand about Facebook as a blogger is how to interact. I do understand that if I really like a blog I need to like them from my personal page. I do that. But if I’m engaging from my personal page then no one is going to know about my blog unless they do some digging. Do I like from both my personal and fan page but then engage with the blogger from my fan page? It’s very confusing to get that cross traffic there.

  • I just set up a fb page for my blog in February. I only have like 20 followers & mostly friends. I want to start doing some blog hops to get some new followers. I also try to add my FB link on here sometimes & just finally figured out how to add a button to my blog.

  • Thank you thank you thank you SITS ladies! I’m one of your newest followers, and simply can’t get enough. Such amazing content!!

    The Classy Cubicle

  • Anna says:

    great advice, written as I go to update my Facebook page status pronto!

  • Amy says:

    Completely agree, quality content and building relationship are one of the most essential factors most of us should consider in order to succeed in working with social networking sites such as Facebook. We can’t deny the power of social media sites nowadays, if you’re not into you’re surely missing a big part.

  • Candi says:

    Still trying to figure out what else to post besides my own blog posts, but I just found out I don’t have a facebook sign up on my blog. I thought I did. Thanks

  • Kristen says:

    I am definitely failing at using Facebook properly. I’m constantly on my personal FB page, but hardly ever on my blog FB page. I definitely need to change that!

  • Patty says:

    This was so helpful! Thank you for the great tips!

    Patty @ http://graceunending.net

  • I feel like it will take more time to go from personal to fan page and keep it updated etc..I have been putting it off for sure…

  • Kim says:

    I struggle with the interesting content aspect of things. What makes interesting content and what doesn’t? I’m not a crafter, cook, baker. I’m much more likely to post photos of recent adventures to ghost towns or old Vegas signage. On occasion, I will share content from friends (mostly male since I’ve yet to find many women who are into the same things I am) such as their photography or interesting stories.

    So many questions, so few answers.

  • These are great tips! I waited to start my Facebook fan page and now wish I had set it up sooner – I really like the interaction there!

  • Maisha says:

    Thank you for these tips. I really want to incorporate more post from other bloggers on my Facebook page.

  • Great tips! I’m mostly following the advice, but do find I sort of go in spurts,….so there’s always something to work on!

  • Kelly says:

    So tough to get the fan base on FB but these are all great tips!

    It is hard to figure out what to post on FB and it is SO important to “Share the love” with those who like you.

  • 4 and 5, I could improve on! Thanks for the tips 🙂

    Julie @ Naptime Review

  • lisa says:

    thank you… great article… have FB page that my posts go to automatically.. hope that is what you mean by posting blog on facebook…

  • Angela says:

    I would also add, you have your Facebook & other social media profiles linked to auto share what you post. So annoying!

  • Adura O says:

    Thanks for these great tips. I definitely don’t share enough of other people’s content!

  • The is a great post! Just what we needed as we are working to grow our Facebook following.

    We would love if you would check out our Facebook page!



  • Kate says:

    I am a fairly new blog. I kicked it off on March 14. At what point would you suggest starting a Facebook page for a blog? I am active on Twitter already.

  • I am always afraid to comment on someone else’s blog’s Facebook page for fear they will get upset that I’m trying to take readers away, or think I’m being spammy or something. Some people don’t understand networking or sharing.

  • Denise says:

    Yesterday I got a new FB like from a “web designer” who’s page didn’t link to her blog. Make sure your FB page makes it easy for people to find your blog gals!

  • Chris Carter says:

    I really need to heed these tips… I am failing miserably on FB and yet- am told to spend my time on twitter instead? Sigh…

  • Charlotte says:

    This is awesome and totally what I needed to read. Not only because I was asked to write a post about how using FB for your fan page is different from your personal page, but also because I’m realizing that I neglect my blog’s fan page far too often. Will change that for sure. Thanks for this 🙂

  • Emelie says:

    Great points here. I sometimes still can’t believe how exhausting it is to juggle all the social media!

  • These tips are so helpful! Facebook seems to be the most confusing social media for me right now. It’s silly because I realize that I tend to use Facebook less because I don’t see a lot of interaction on it, but clearly, ignoring it isn’t going to grow my fan page!

    All of these tips are so practical and can be put to use right away. Thanks!

  • Mubashir says:

    Hey Ashely,

    I read this post just because of title you select. I was wondering why I am behind from others on Facebook. Now I realised weak points in me while using social media like Facebook. I do create my Fan Page but not being using it.
    I never shared any interesting other content which is other than my blog content. I will overcome these weakness.

    Thanks for sharing Ashely