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7 Habits the Most Successful Power Users on Pinterest All Follow

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Have you ever looked at those Pinterest bloggers with millions of loyal fans and thought, heck, how on earth do I get that too? What are the Pinterest tips that I should be following to grow my account into the stratosphere?

Whether you’re a blogger, a business owner, or simply an avid Pinner, having a strong following on Pinterest can do some great things for you. After all, this social network has huge referral power, could help you land a job, or expose more people to your brand.

But I know what you’re thinking, with SO many people on Pinterest (which has now hit the roof at 70 million users – wow) standing out in such a big crowd seems, well, impossible.

Only a handful of people seem to have mastered Pinterest, gaining millions of followers, traffic and business opportunities from it.

But you don’t need to leave all that goodness to the power users. It’s time that we joined in.

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7 Pinterest Tips You Need to Become a Power User

So to give you hand, here are a list of 7 Pinterest tips that nearly all of the top dogs on Pinterest have acquired/done, and how we can emulate their success too.

1. ONLY Pin High Quality, Appealing Pictures

Now this is the big one! What do all the top Pinners have in common? They don’t pin mediocre, ‘kind-of-OK’ pins, oh no no no.

They go all out collecting a database of the BEST images there are and compiling them together to create one gob smacking great board.

Who’s doing it like a pro? Bright.Bazaar is an amazing example of someone who finds the most appealing images; just take a look at his Fantastic Events board if you don’t believe me!

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How can I do this too? By always sticking to this golden rule:

Only pin photos that make you feel excited.

If your reaction to an image is along the lines of ‘well this is sort of nice?’ then step AWAY from that pin button, my friend.

If you don’t feel excited by it, then chances are your followers aren’t going to be that bothered about it either and will simply ignore it.

Remember, there are plenty of mediocre Pinners out there that never stand out. You don’t need to be one of them.

2. Have Striking Board Covers

Their board covers are appealing and work well together. They also all follow one major theme such as vintage, black and white, colourful etc.

Who’s doing it like a pro? Just take a look at French food blogger Griottes, talk about a real treat to the eyes! All of her board covers follow one theme (vintage/whimsical) and have the same colour scheme too (pastels).

The individual images also work well together and have one main subject in each of them (like the bear, the cherry blossom branch, or the feet), so they’re not too crowded and busy, all trying to fight for attention.

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3. Mostly Pin Yourself, Not Repin

The great thing about finding your own photos on the web to pin, rather than simply repining others all the time, is that you’ll find it easier to get found in the search area, so that new users can find you.

Just make sure that you use the hashtags well and only use keywords that A) people will be searching for, and B) describe the picture literally (eg. Shoes, heels…) rather than abstractly (eg. magically pretty, awesome…).

Also, when you include hashtags don’t randomly spam the description box (I won’t lie. I’ve been guilty of this!), instead integrate them into a normal sentence (they’re much easier to read!).

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Let’s take a look at some examples:

The first one is awful! The sentence is disjointed and awkward with lots of seemingly random hashtags polluting it (yep. Well done to me, ha!).

The second one however is MUCH better. The description is made up of fluent sentences, is useful (I’ve included the price and store that the top is from), and I’ve managed to get my main keywords ‘silk’ ‘sleeveless’ and ‘top’ in there neatly, without them sticking out like a sore thumb.

4. Have Unique and Intriguing Concept Boards

These Pinners go out of their way to do something new and fresh, and they sure do stand out and interest people this way!

Who’s doing it like a pro? My favourite example of a hugely successful concept board has to be ‘My imaginary well dressed daughter’ by Tiffany Beveridge.

Unsurprisingly, this has gone viral on Pinterest, attracting over 70,000+ followers who are highly engaged (just take a look at how much people love it in the comments section)!

This board follows the hilarious story of a rich toddler called Quinoa and her life, with funny commentaries and sarcastic jokes.

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5. Have Boards with HUGE Archives to Dive Into

Pinterest power users often have boards with hundreds, if not thousands, of pins for visitors to get lost into for hours.

Who’s doing it like a pro? Joy Cho, one of the biggest Pinners around, that’s who!  Her baby board has nearly 1000 pins. So if you’re a parent looking for cute baby products, then you’ll have no need to search anywhere else, Joy has got you covered.

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6. Publish Pins That Are Helpful and Solve Problems

Who’s doing it like a pro? Just take a look at LevoLeague’s career resources board. They have loads of pins there to help you deal with any career crisis you’re having, from getting tips on surviving your first week at a new job, to becoming an entrepreneur.

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How can I do this too? If you want to create a similar board focusing on advice, then take LevoLeague’s lead and choose photos that are not only appealing, but also have the problem they will be addressing written on them clearly (this makes it very easy for viewers to see what benefit they’ll get by clicking through on that pin).

7. Create Community Boards and Invite Others to Join

Who’s doing it like a pro? This is one that I personally use, and has been the biggest reason for my rapid growth on Pinterest. For about 6 months I was quietly pinning away with only 200+ followers to show for it. Fast forward a few months and 5 community boards later, and I now have over 5000 followers, with more than 20 new people following each day without me having to do much at all!

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You see, when you invite people to your boards and they accept, your board will appear on their Pinterest pages and attract their followers too. So with over 500 other pinners involved in my community boards, that means 500 other profiles have a link and follow button to my Pinterest page on it!

The other up side to community boards is that you don’t have to worry about updating your boards every day, because there’s a whole team behind you who will lift that pressure off you. Simply Chic is updated multiple times a day by its awesome members, who together have created a massive board (with over 7000+ pins!) which I could never have done on my own.

There are a few downers though, as you lose control of the quality of the pins. There have been times when I’ve seen a pin on there and thought ‘hmmm…this really doesn’t fit well with the board’, and felt uncomfortable telling the Pinner or deleting their pins. But all in all, it’s been well worth creating community boards!

Now What Should I Do?

Now that you’ve read all of our Pinterest tips for power users, it’s time to act on the information you’ve just absorbed of course!

Let’s start with some baby steps:

Choose 1 habit that I’ve listed above to try, and choose when to do it (maybe now, or will you schedule a Pinterest clean-up session for a day that you’re free?)

Once you’ve done that, come back to this page (bookmark buttons at the ready girls!), and choose one more habit to try. Then keep going until you’ve done all 7 Pinterest tips!

What Do You Think?

Which Pinterest tips are you planning to try first? Which habits do you think you’re already got mastered (or nearly!), and which ones do you think you could improve on?

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  • Preeti says:

    Great ideas! I didn’t think about having unusual board themes at all.

    Now to brainstorm! 🙂

  • Kristy O says:

    Thanks for the tips! What are your thoughts on making your account a business account for your blog?

  • Chris Carter says:

    Here’s my question- how do you pin your blog posts versus clothing/pretty pictures/ that don’t need to be “read”? I don’t understand how followers are able to decipher the difference… ?

  • Sarah Fuller says:

    Thanks so much for this Pinterest post. Really wondered how the power players did it. Now I know.

  • Sher says:

    I’m excited you shared the Imaginary Daughter board. That’s pretty sweet. 🙂

  • Sara says:

    Great article, I didn’t know that Pinterest can be that powerful, it needs a lot of work but I think I can pull up all your advices.

    Thanks a lot 🙂

  • Great set of tips! Looks like I have some revamping to do on my board covers!

  • Charlotte says:

    GREAT great great tips! Thanks so much for this 🙂 I really don’t use Pinterest as much as I should, which doesn’t make much sense because who doesn’t like to look at pretty pictures?! I need to work on my board covers–good idea. And also creating more community boards. I’m a member of one but really not active and haven’t noticed a spike in followers, but maybe I’m just not doing it correctly. But you’ve inspired me to create a new community board which I’ll now share with friends. Thanks! 🙂

  • Board covers really are important. And boards NEED to have a theme! 🙂

  • Katie E says:

    Great tips – and a great reminder that I really need to go back through my Pinterest boards and clean them up and organize them better!

  • Lisa says:

    Great tips, thank you! I am new to pinterest however I am going to look for a “community” that fits!

  • PS4 Games says:

    You could also add: share your pin on other social network. Great post by the way! 🙂

  • Thank you for the tips! I’ve been staring at my Pinterest page for awhile now, wondering how I can ramp it up a little. Must admit, I am guilty of 99% re-pinning of other people’s pins, so I’m going to start pinning directly from sources I find around the web and see if that helps. Thanks!

  • I have used pinterest and some of its tools which pin automatically like ninja pinner but pinterest is worthless without contents associated to the pins. yes if pins are related to worthy content than definitely the bounce rate will be less on your site/blog otherwise its just one time invitation

  • Linda says:

    Thanks for the tips. I do some of them already, but there are still some that I need to work on. Although I do it sometimes, I didn’t realize how it is much better to upload pins than to repin. Again, thanks for the tips.

  • Jenny says:

    Great tips but not something I’d be willing to put time into. I pin ANYTHING!! Unless it’s small & looks like crap.

  • #3 was new for me. Thanks for this!

  • Patty says:

    Great info, thanks!

  • Karen says:

    Love the idea of a community board, that is on my list To DO. Also I did not realise you could use # hashtags on Pinterest, I have never seen it or done it, great advice for an already big Pinterest lover.

  • These are GREAT! I am immediately heading to by pinterest boards and implementing at least half of these!

  • Oh these are fantastic tips, thank you!

  • Oh, I need to learn so much about Pinterest! I only recently added this platform to my social media plan so it’s in its early stages… Thanks so much for sharing these great tips, Sanam!

  • Chrystal says:

    I wish Pinterest had an easier way to organize boards once you create so many. I have been there as a tester since it’s Beta stages and have boards full of pins that I don’t want to get rid of, but it is so time consuming to move all those pins to different boards.

  • Michelle S. says:

    Thanks for the great info. I have to start using pinterest better.

  • These are awesome tips! I need to work on cleaning my posts up.

  • Carissa Shaw says:

    Grat tips! I’m working on cleaning up my Pinterest, changing cover photos, and then want to start pinning my own pins instead of just repinning.
    Thanks for the ideas!

    • Chrystal says:

      I re-pin a lot more than I pin my own stuff. I find Pinterest to be so inspiring. I use it for so many different things. I took some time off from my websites while I worked on my freelance career, my BA and my MBA. Now I am working on my web business so Pinterest is slowing starting to get filled with my own pins. These are great tips!

  • Carli says:

    I’m not doing to bad on Pintetest but I think I need to Repin less and do more original pins. Great post!

  • Thanks Sanam! This was a very helpful post. I use Pinterest daily for myself and my work.

    For work, I ask my clients to join Pinterest and follow me, so when I’ve found something for their business, they can see it right away (without me having to show it to them in person.)

    Personally, don’t just pin to pin, only pin the things you really want/love/will make etc. Your boards will show YOUR personality!

  • Shashi says:

    Awesome tips – thanks for sharing!

  • Great tips on pinning. I let my board go for a while and am now working it again. Keeping up with it takes commitment.

  • Tiffany says:

    AWEsome post! I will definitely be ‘PINning’ this as well as using the tips! Thanks for sharing!

  • slapdashmom says:

    I love this! Pinterest is amazing, we are all totally addicted, so these tips are definitely a life saver! I am following all of the boards you mentioned now, and am going to start adding more to my Fitness board now. I was afraid of having “too many pins” on on board, but I should’ve thought about it as an “ultimate resource” instead. Great tip! Thank you, ladies!