BlogHer 2011: A Quick Rundown

By Aug 10, 2011September 21st, 201330 Comments

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Last week, the girls and I traveled down to San Diego for BlogHer. It was an insanely crazy week, but something we are were glad to have been a part of.

Connecting with members of the online community and having that, “OMG, it’s really you moment” simply can’t be beat.

Here is a quick recap of all that happened in southern California…

The flash mob mobbed. To Lady Gaga’s Edge of Glory song. It was fun, and surprising, and completely wonderful.

We barely slept.

We learned something new about blog design.

We ran out of time.

We were reminded that San Diego is very pretty and has perfect weather.

blogher 2011

We got free things.

We donated our new free things.

We lost weight. (SO much walking)

We gained weight. (SO much eating)

We made new friends and reconnected with old ones.

blogher 2011

We found out we’re old. As in too old to stay up and rock the dance floor until 1:00 am.

Overall, a lovely week!

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