She Says, She Says: Does Klout Score Matter?

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Today’s She Says, She Says question is: Does your Klout score matter?

Last week,ย Klout madeย some changes to the way it calculates an individual’s Klout score. And boy, Twitter lit up over it – with people mainly angry about their hard-earned scores having dropped.

What Is Klout Score and Does it Really Matter?

For those of you that don’t know about Klout, it’s a measurement tool for someone’s social media influence. Think of it like a Nielsen rating for bloggers, or anyone using social media, for that matter. The higher your Klout score, the more “influential” you are said to be.

Does Klout Score Matter?

There are several components that go into your Klout score, and Klout is now trying to make these components, and your overall score, a better indicator of your influence.

If you’re on Twitter for any length of time, you’ll see people excitedly tweeting about Klout Perks they’ve received because they’ve been identified as influential on a particular topic. I was thrilled to get a Klout Perk for Sharpie markers and actually happy NOT to get one for an underarm deodorant (after all, I really don’t want to be influential about body odor).

But what does it all really mean? Who’s to say that I am more influential about anything than someone else just because I tweet about it?

Does it matter?

There are aspects to Klout that make a ton of sense. One of the topics I’m influential about is social media, because I write a lot of blogging and social media how-to posts on my blog. They tend to get retweeted more than my posts on parenting, so it would make sense that I am considered influential within my circle of tweeters.

But a friend of mine is labeled as influential about Minnesota – even though she doesn’t live there and has never tweeted about it. Her only conclusion is that she tweets about her twin daughters…and Klout attributes “twins” to Minnesota.

Who Is Influential According to Klout And Why?

Let’s take a look at the most influential women tweeters according to Klout score.

Don’t get me wrong. I love me some Lady Gaga, but if I’m considering what novel to read next, or get inspirational ideas, I am not going to read Lady Gaga’s tome or put on a meat dress. I’m going to go to Oprah first. Yet Oprah’s a paltry 5 compared to Lady Gaga, sitting up there at the top of the Klout pile.

And should we be concerned at all that celebrities are considered more influential than some of our nation’s top political leaders? What does this say about where we place our definitions of influence and value?

Klout seems to be trying to better calibrate for some of this. But some of our friends in social media like Aliza Sherman say Klout is nothing but a game. We want to hear from you!

Is Klout something you care about?

Do you think it accurately measures online influence? Or is it more a reflection of our cultural preferences than anything else?

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  • Laurali Star says:

    This was a compelling post because I have been thinking of using twitter to get the word out about the Pop! Sparkle and Shine Network. I didn’t even know about a klout score. How interesting. I’d really like to find out what my score is, just for the fun of it. I’ve been wondering if Twitter could make a difference in boosting attention to my network or if using it for more than just my posts and pictures would even be worth my time. Thanks for sharing!


  • I don’t give a hoot about a blogger’s Klout. I’m interested only in their content – if it interests me, I’m going to read it. If it doesn’t, I’m clicking out – no matter how high their Klout is.

  • Jenn says:

    I guess I must be behind the times since I still haven’t gotten a Klout account. This is an awesome post, it answered many of the klout questions I was too shy to ask.

  • Allison says:

    I have Klout, but I sure don’t get it. Don’t really care, either, but I have it!

  • I just started looking at my Klout score and still don’t really understand its relevance. Today I was a 37. Is that good? Do you have to be a celebrity to be over 75? Are sponsors really looking at it? Why, oh why, am I influential in Sausage?!?! Really, there are lots of questions and I don’t think Klout is doing a great job explaining their relevance and relative scoring system. Only time will tell, though, right?

  • There are so many things to follow that at some point you’ve got to draw the line. I’ve been less concerned with something like Klout and more interested in a site like Crowdbooster. That actually gives you some recommendations on when to tweet or post and what has been well received.

  • I enjoyed reading this. I am not the biggest fan of Klout, possibly because I don’t have any. ๐Ÿ™‚ And, sadly, I think many celebrities do have more influence than political leaders.

  • Interesting article. I’ve never heard of Klout before. I guess I’m likely not even on their score-sheet!

  • Theresa says:

    I didn’t know about Klout until I started getting sponsors for my site. & they look at it. I am still curious to how to increase my score without alienating my online friends & keep my score up when family stuff arises and duty calls before business. For the first time my score has dropped, a few points& I am trying to increase it and really this is something I wish I didn’t have to think about, but the reality is if I want to be an online presence I need to pay attention to Klout.

  • Carolyn says:

    I wondered about Klout and what it was all about. I kept seeing +Ks on Twitter and checked them out.
    I signed in to find out that I’m influential about wine. Guess I should link in more accounts to get an accurate reflection!

  • Stefanie says:

    I’m having trouble with it. I’ve linked some of the accounts they told me to link (i.e. facebook, linked in) to increase my score, and then a couple of days later my score dropped 10 points. What was weird was that they sent me a congratulations for keeping a consistent score. I must be doing something wrong…but really have no idea. Thanks for showing me I’m not the only one ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jamie says:

    I’m also still undecided about Klout. I read a lot of things about how Klout is not a true measure of your social influence yet I still can’t help checking to see how my score changes everyday. I really liked Mama Kat’s post about how Klout is just another way to bring traffic to the Klout website!

    However, the perks are fun. I LOVED my box of Sharpies I got and the free deodorant for a year, AWESOME!! I feel like everytime I get a +K, it’s a pat on the back and that makes me feel good. I know it’s dumb, but it’s the little things, right?

  • Charlotte says:

    I have just logged in to Klout but it will likely take me some time to get familiar with it all. Question: is there a way to have Klout access my Facebook blog fan page (as opposed to my personal page)? Since I use my fan page to get the word out about my blog, I feel it more accurately represents my brand.

    If that makes sense. Sorry, still working on my first cup of coffee ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Gigi says:

      Charlotte, yes, you can link your Klout account to your Facebook fan page.If you go up to the little “gear” icon at the top of your Klout page (you need to be logged in) and then click “connect networks” you’ll see an option for adding your Facebook page.

  • Emily says:

    I view Klout as something to look at occasionally but I am certainly not worrying about it! I just keep trying to be the best blogger and tweeter I can be. The only thing is I have no idea how to give Klout to someone, I feel bad about that bc I do like returning the favor!

  • Brandy says:

    I do include my Klout score on my media kit only because some companies do really want to know it. Do I think it’s an important number or the best way to consider influence on Twitter? no not really. I think it’s almost as flawed as how you get your Alexa rank up, but it is out there so marketing people want to know your Klout score. UGH.

  • Marie Cole says:

    Where have I been, I haven’t even heard of “Klout”, I guess I need to check it out and see where I rank, it’s probably not good, ha!

  • pammypam says:

    they claim i’m influential about wine. which is dumb cuz i love vodka.

  • I sure wish I understood WHAT, precisely, it is that they are using to “measure with”. What they weight the most heavily, etc. Answers, I’ve seen none, although questions aplenty have been raised. And yes, they’re making up Klout as they go, it seems to me.

    So that it works for THEM.

    It’s not for us, I’m convinced.

  • I try not to get ina tizzy over it. I look at it. But when I went on vacation and my score dropped substantially it didn’t really reflect my influence. I was just as influential as I was the week prior and I even had more activity on my blog with guest bloggers. I just live my life and tweet/share what I normally would. My followers determine what I’m influential about, not Klout.

  • Broot says:

    I went on it and it said I was influential about Klout. Ha!! I personally don’t think I tweet enough to be on there and my facebook isn’t linked to my blog, so my score suffers there, too. I get why it *could* be useful but I don’t think they’re there yet.

  • I truly believe Klout is all hype. How else can you explain that I’ve had single days where my Klout score has dropped by 4 or 5 points. Really? I’m THAT much less influential today than I was yesterday?

    Nevertheless, I can’t help checking my score, giving +K to my friends and watching out for perks. What can I say?

  • Klout seems like it has some issues to work out. One of my PR buddies told me that many reps don’t even recognize Klout as an authority and they tend to pay more attention to GA, Alexa and Quantcast.

    Speaking of – any chance that SITS can give a quick briefing on Quantcast?

  • Great post. I am thinking of doing away with it, too. My score continues to fall, but I’m talking to people who I want to talk with and that is important to me. I don’t want to talk to someone just because they are higher score than me, and from what I’m reading….that is important component of Klout. I may be wrong. Too much too learn. I just want to write, and enjoy myself, and if I”m lucky get a freelance job here or there. Thanks for sharing.

  • Lindsey says:

    I canned Klout several weeks ago. I was on it for a few months and I became so addicted to watching my score rise/fall that I couldn’t tweet or post without thinking about my working for optimal Klout clout. It was silly!
    I don’t miss it a bit.

  • I check klout periodically and give out +Ks to my tweeps, but I do not obsess about it. Thanks for the info.

  • Patricia says:

    I’m pretty new to all this, so when I saw people giving other people Klout, I wondered about it. Even with the information I just read, I still don’t feel I have a handle on it as Klout does not seem to be consistent in how they score folks. It was easier when I was younger to be in the popular click ~ now there’s Klout and StumbledUpon and so much more.

  • Teresa says:

    I’m still undecided about Klout. Earlier this year I heard many rumors that publishers were going to rely heavily on Klout to determine which bloggers to work with so I signed up. I’ve seen my score go down when I thought it should have gone up. I’ve seen it go down when they change their algorithms. I haven’t really seen it rise since I started.

    I have to agree that at this point it is nothing more than a game.

  • Mariah says:

    I think Klout is fun to look at. It gives me a little push when I see my score go down and encouragement when it is rising. What’s odd is I have stayed within the same 5 point range since the beginning. Whether I am a tweeting mad woman or have been off for a few days, my score stays within the same range. I do not see it as my true influence. The issue I have is some organizations/businesses are using it as a tool to measure my online presence.

    Great post my friends:)

  • Carri says:

    I put no weight on my Klout score. It was very high at one point (over 70) but I haven’t gotten much out of it. There WAS that bottle free of wine… but I would have bought wine with or without the Klout score. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • TriGirl says:

    I just got on to Klout. I’m small potatoes so I’m just figuring all this out, but it’s good to know what Klout is actually for!

  • Jessica says:

    While I understand that Klout can be a gauge as to how influential you are in the realm of social media, I think there are serious flaws in the algorithm. I think their new algorithm is an attempt to correct some of these issues but there are still more issues that need fixed. I just don’t see it as an end-all, be-all thing that anyone should lose sleep over. If you’re Klout score is high- great. If not, eh, maybe next time it’ll be better. I agree with a comment that was made earlier that it’s fun to check just to make sure you’re headed in the right direction, but don’t base your progress off of Klout alone, use other sites such as twitter.grader.com and blog.grader.com. There’s plenty of more out there but those are the few that I use.

  • I’m still undecided on how much importance to place on a Klout score. I’m another in the lucky group that lost 10+pts with the new algorithm.

    I am definitely concerned with the impact the score may have with potential sponsors and even readership.

    In my former life (pre-SAHM), if you couldn’t measure something, it wasn’t valuable. But. At the same time I’m not one to appreciate “labeling.”

    I’m going to keep reading these informational posts by those I trust (like you, Gigi) before making a decision as to the validity for me. In the meantime, I won’t lose sleep over it. I just don’t have time to obsess over my score (or label?) right now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I think it’s a competition. It said I was influential about paper towels. Seriously? Also, not everyone is on Klout so it’s very skewed.
    I’ve been asked for my Klout score but I don’t think it’s fair for me to share it if I really don’t believe in it. Again, what would I tell the rep if I didn’t have Klout? A zero score simply for not having it shouldn’t penalize anyone.

  • I care about Klout, because I have to update the score when I update my media kit; otherwise, I could care less. I’m more interested in give people Klout as a thanks for retweeting my posts, for writing a great post/tweet, or just because I adore them. For me, that’s a better use of the Klout system.

  • Jo-Anna says:

    You guys are becoming my go-to site for all things social-media! Thank you! I am still learning and trying to figure out things like Klout and Stumbleupon… I had never even checked my Klout score until last week and I don’t really know what to do with it! There are so many things out there that it’s hard to know where to stop! Klout, fb, twitter, stumbleupon, not to mention all the sites like foodgawker, craftgawker…. ack!
    Thanks for all the info!

  • I was one of those who got the klout perk for deodorant. I was only happy because it was the only perk I’ve gotten and I now have enough deodorant to last for at least a year. As for klout itself, my scored dropped more than 10 pts with their new algorithm. It was never very high to begin with. Now it’s just pathetic. I’m not losing any sleep over it, though.

  • I am on Klout because a potential sponsor wanted my Klout Score… so I guess it’s now important in someone’s eyes… but since it’s still an algorithmic equation it really is just something you can game if you have time – I can see Klout Hops in the future to go with the Alexa hops, Stumble Upon Hops and other current games…

  • Candi says:

    I think its a competition thing now. I lost over 11 points and now I want to see how to get it back. But it seams everyone else is giving up, so I don’t know if I should keep giving Klout to people or if it has anything to do with what I write. And does it help to be on facebook also?

    • Gigi says:

      Candi, it does help to be on Facebook IF your Facebook account is linked to your Klout account AND if you’re active on Facebook. I think a lot of folks linked their Facebook accounts to Klout but are more engaged on Twitter and not so much on Facebook, which probably hurt their scores last week. I am considering de-linking my Facebook account from Klout just to see if it has any impact.

  • I signed up for Klout but I dont know. I don’t think I have enough time to do the things they want me to in order to up my score. I’m just darn busy!

  • I love to give Klout! I have trouble finding the time to do all that I would need to for my score to be high.

  • Angie says:

    I do take a peek every once in a while, usually only when I see a notification in my stream. But, I really don’t consider it a true measure of influence. There are far too many variables that are not included in their algorithm for it to be very useful…in my opinion. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And, like you said, sometimes they get it right. But, sometimes they get it all wrong. I don’t give it too my weight. It is just another little thing to look at every now and again to see if you are moving in the right direction. It isn’t the end all be all.

  • Coincidental timing because just today someone gave me a K+ or whatever that is but in a topic I never blog about! I don’t really get the whole thing, to be honest.