Create a Facebook Timeline Cover Using Instagram Photos

By Jun 28, 2012 July 2nd, 2014 19 Comments

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All week we’ve been focused on learning Instagram and how to use this popular tool to give your readers insight into your life.

Now let’s take this learning to the next level and understand how to use your Instagram photos to make one of the best Facebook timeline covers around!

how to use instagram photos

Make a Facebook Timeline Cover From Your Instagram Photos

I love Instagram. It is highly addictive and a great tool for bloggers to connect with and share more of their life with their readers. I was recently introduced to statigr.am, which is a web version of Instagram, giving you everything you need to manage your Instagram account online.

My post will show you how to use statigr.am to produce a timeline cover for your Facebook page made up of your most recent Instagram photos. It’s easy, FREE, and super fun to look at! Everyone should have one…or at least know how to make these one-of-kind collages.

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