Facebook Fan Page: How to Boost Your Blog’s Audience Using Facebook

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Creating a Facebook Fan Page for your blog is a great way to increase your readership while also interacting with your community! With a Facebook Page you can add additional graphics & media, post links to sites that your readers might find interesting, and engage in a more casual conversation.

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How to Create a Facebook Fan Page

It’s important to have a Facebook fan Page for your blog because it gives your followers another avenue to interact with you. Even if you have a Twitter account that you use regularly, having a Facebook page allows for a different type of interaction and also expands your audience.

With a Facebook fan Page you can add additional graphics & media, post links to sites that your readers might find interesting, and engage in a more casual conversation. You can also use your page to “like” other blogs’ pages & comment on those pages from your blog’s Facebook Page as opposed to your personal account.

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  • Hello

    thanks a lot to share your method

    it isn’t easy to develop a blog and to boost its audience. For me it is horrible , but i try

    in thi way, i will try to use your technic

    thanks and best regards


  • Carline says:

    This is helpful. I am going to try to boost my FB followers

  • Kate says:

    I just started my FB page about a month ago after hearing from many bloggers how important it was. I’ll be heading over to read your post; I can use any tips I can get!

  • Jen says:

    Love the infographic! She did a really nice job with that. Now that FB has dropped the verbiage in its terms about not having calls to action in cover photos, it’s really opened things up for pushing people to a website or product.

  • Kimberly says:

    I have a facebook page and have over 200 likes but I cannot get anyone to interact with me. I post about new blog post and new youtube video uploads and even ask questions but cannot get anyone to write back. How would anyone suggest to fix this? I would love more interaction on my page instead of just my side.

  • Katie Price says:

    Thanks so much for featuring my article!! I really appreciate it 🙂

  • I just set up a Facebook page a few months ago. I don’t have many followers yet.

  • Kendra @ Mommy, In Demand says:

    It’s great that you posted this topic this morning. I’ve been thinking about creating a Facebook page for a while and now that I see my readership picking up I looked more into it. But I still wasn’t sold on it. You’ve changed my mind! Lol! Thanks!

  • Thank you Francesca for your tutorial on how people can make their own Facebook Fan Page. I setup a fan page for one of my sites and got surprised by how active people are in clicking the Like button on links to blog posts (on the fan page itself). Your blog tips are very nice and I hope many people follow them and begin setting up fan pages – because it’s really worth it! You get targeted traffic and also provide the social signals that search engines are looking for to prove that your content is popular. By using a little bit paid traffic in the beginning (if you can afford it) to get a user base on Facebook helps a lot. Those people are still registered fans and keep clicking like and share content. Facebook is great social tool for blog owners to spread the word. : )