How Google Plus Events Are Redefining Social Media

By Aug 2, 2012 October 21st, 2014 48 Comments

When we wanted to have a party 15 years ago, most of us went to the store, bought invitations and mailed them weeks in advance or simply got on the phone and invited the guests. It was a world without Evite, Facebook and the newest kid on the block, Google Plus Events.

Fortunately, technology has made our parties (or at least the invites) brighter, hipper, simpler to track and for guests—especially those fickle ones who want to see the guest list before replying! — simpler to RSVP. But, with Google Plus Events, just launched this summer, the term “event’ has been redefined by including guest interaction long after the party ends.

Hosting events on a Google+ is a great way to connect with your audience and meet new people! Are you taking advantage of Google+ events? If not this is a must read post!

What Are Google Plus Events?

At first blush, Google Plus Events contains the standard, user-friendly features of a typical online invitation site. If you are used to using or receiving Facebook invites, you will find the functionality pretty comparable. When you set up your event/invite, you can choose from many different themed photos, name your event, give details and instructions. The location and directions can be viewed via Google Maps or Google Local.

If you or your invitees have downloaded the Google+ mobile app, all this functionality is even easier to access. The set up is straight forward, the user interface very simple. There is no cost to use it.

Why Google Plus Events Are Worth a Look

What sets Google Plus Events apart is the Party Mode function where guests can contribute their own pictures during and after the event. Invitees can also add their comments. All of this extra functionality creates a new dimension to a typical “get together.” It has become a perfect combination of the online photo album with the momentum of a great party…you know the kind, where you can’t wait to rehash with your girlfriends the next day.

Google Plus Events can be set for a private group, or made public for all users. You can even search and browse public events, allowing an unrestricted number of Google+ users to access.

google plus

How Google Plus Events Can Help YOU Promote Your Blog

So, from a blogger’s perspective, what does this mean for us? Admittedly, I am irritated by yet another platform to share photos, comments and expend energy building up a community of followers.

That being said, I personally think Google Plus Events may be worth the investment. It redefines what we consider an “event” particularly if you have a community of followers that like to share their comments, photos and videos. If you think of an event on Google+ in terms of a marketing campaign, you can make it last a month, a quarter or more as you and your users keep adding pictures, videos and comments to the event long after its launch.

This got me thinking about my world. I review children’s books and offer tactile activities to go along with the books that can be done at home or in a classroom. I typically post my blog with a few pictures of my own students going through the activities. Using Google Plus Events, I could involve a whole community of visitors posting their own experiences and variations on the activity for weeks on end. This can be done by simply linking to your event from your blog. The outcome could be an online, ongoing “party.”

Google Plus Events could open up a whole new definition of a party, especially for a blogger.

What we want to know is: Are you open to giving Google Plus Events a whirl? If the answer is no, what tools are you using to deepen your connection with your readers? Please share!


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  • […] How Google Plus Events Are Redefining Social Media: What sets Google Plus Events apart is the Party Mode function where guests can contribute their own pictures during and after the event. Invitees can also add their comments. All of this extra functionality creates a new dimension to a typical “get together.” […]

  • Sarah Miller says:

    I think it might be worth while. I still don’t really understand it. I’m always trying to engage my readers and get to know them better. Maybe a party would help me do that. Does it cost money to do one?

    Great post! Never would have known anything about it until now!


  • Buhle Goslar says:

    Very interesting. My only issue is trying to manage this as well as Twitter & Facebook, I find it’s quite slow getting a substantial following.

  • adrienne says:

    Hmmmm…I’m wondering if this is something I should look into for a blog link-up/mega giveaway I have beginning next week at my blog?

  • Wow, this seems fascinating to me! Thanks for featuring this topic. Does anyone else struggle with building a blog following on Google + ? I don’t have an account for this reason. It took months to create a little following via Google Friend Connect. I’d love to explore the features of the “events” but without a large friend base, would it be worth it??

  • Mindi says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this. I read a bit about it when I was using Google Hangouts, which I LOVE, but never thought about using it to promote my blog. May have to incorporate it into my weekly speech/language feature. Thanks!

  • Lisa says:

    I wondered why I had been getting invitations over there on Google+ . Could they be used for a special giveaway? When you say worth the investment does it cost money to have one there? Thanks for the info.

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  • Kimm says:

    It looks like a great tool to use, I’m gonna check it out.. Thanks for sharing.

  • Genevieve says:

    Thanks so much for sharing. I’m just starting out blogging so right now I’m using mostly my personal Facebook and transitioning from my old Twitter to a new Twitter account associated with the blog. Once the blog gets going, I can also transition over to using my Facebook page more for connecting with fans, not just personal contacts, and I will use Google+ more, but right now not a lot of people are connecting on G+. Good to know these pieces in the future though so again, thanks!

  • Kimberly says:

    It’s definitely an interesting concept though I don’t think I have much of a use for it at this point in my blogging career. Honestly I don’t think I could use it in my personal life either because so few of my non-Internet friends are on Google+.

  • Charlotte says:

    I love the idea of it but it’s always difficult to brush up on yet another social media site…. that being said, I know many people are really into G+ so I”ll give it a whirl! Thanks for this 🙂

  • hilljean says:

    Oh dear. It’s getting awfully overwhelming maintaining these media platforms. And I already do a really crappy job on Twitter, just now made a Facebook page, and am best on Pinterest 🙂 I’ll probably wait it out a little because I just don’t see how I could make this function for me yet.

  • I didn’t realise Google Plus had this feature – it sounds like something I would really make use of – thanks so much for highlighting it.
    I’m a major party person (for my kids anyway) and often organise events using FaceBook events, but this sounds way better.

    Also, I have a bookclub on my blog, and I’m just thinking whether this is the perfect way to hold bookclub – it could be much more interactive than what is currently happening, so THANKYOU!

  • This is a really interesting idea…opening up a online party that would last a week or a month. Readers would submit their pics/ideas regarding the party subject/theme. Am I understanding this concept correctly? I don’t know if I have a large enough following to make a successful event but it’s worth a shot. If I could come up w/ a really great party theme to make it worth my while.

    Do you need a Google+ following? I’m not active on Google+ at all b/c it just sounds like another social media time suck to keep up with.

  • Kristiina says:

    Do you guys have a following on google+? I have hardly anyone on there!

  • I haven’t done a G+ event yet, but maybe I will down the road. I’d love to grow my community & have more interactions. I can see how it would be great for sharing wedding & events with a specific group & have shared photo albums for various paid opportunities.

  • Jenny says:

    Interesting. I’ve never heard of them before & I haven’t really seen them either. Then again I don’t fart around on GOOGLE+ very much either. Hmm. I might be able to use this 😉

  • Style Events says:

    As a wedding planner, this is really worth looking into! Even if I can’t use it personally, our brides may find some use in it for their showers, bridal luncheons, etc! Thanks for sharing!

  • Jimmie says:

    I wonder if G+ events could be an alternative to Facebook parties. Since you cannot use FB actions as contest entries, would G+ be an option? I need to research the TOS for G+ events.

  • Tanya says:

    I’ve been putting off getting a tootle plus account. I’m already trying to keep up with all the other social media. I definately need to look into it though.

  • I guess I am open to trying it, although I kind of do a little eye roll at yet another social media thing to learn! 😉

  • I’m glad I learned about it here. I don’t think I’ll dive into this one because I don’t see my readers being that active on it. It sounds better for me for live events.

  • I wish I could understand how to best use Google+. It just isn’t user friendly enough for me. I use Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest to promote posts, but haven’t found a great means of developing a conversation as I would like. I am working on doing more with Facebook to foster a community since it reaches such a vast audience.

  • I am open to Google + events though I don’t think my community is strong enough yet to really use this much. Maybe in the future. For now I am using personal responses and returning the blog visit but someday that will get too time consuming as my blog grows!

  • I love this idea! I haven’t tried it yet!

  • AlisonSWLee says:

    I like the idea of G+ Events – it can definitely be used from both the corporate and personal aspect. Great post!