Periscope Pro Tips: Do’s And Don’ts To Help You Become A Successful Scoper!

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I started using Periscope in 2015, and I was totally hooked right away. It is surprising to me that I fell in love with live streaming video since I am so used to sitting behind my computer screen in private. But maybe that is exactly what made me fall in love with it… no featured images, no proofreading, just talking and sharing value with people who care what I have to say.

Have you tried this fun live streaming platform? I have some Periscope pro tips that will help!

Periscope Pro Tips | All of the do's and don'ts you need to rock this popular live streaming platform.

Periscope Pro Tips

1. Join Groups – Joining groups is a great way to get started on Periscope. It is an instant support network, and it will get you followers and hearts quickly, so you don’t feel like you are doing it all in vain. A lot of these groups offer topic ideas, and the ability to find new people to follow within your own niche.

2. Participate in Scopes – Watching scopes can actually get you new followers and help you be recognized in the Periscope community. Adding value to other people’s scopes is helpful to the broadcaster, and it is nice for the other people who are watching. I have gained quite a few followers simply by commenting in other broadcasters scopes.

3. Have Something to Say – People are not likely to tune in, or stay tuned in, if you do not have something significant to say. We are not all celebrities. You don’t care to watch me go about my daily tasks, and you don’t care to listen to me ramble. Have a point and get it across quickly.

4. Provide Value – Similar to the point above, you want to provide value in every single one of your scopes. Have a plan of what you want to say and consider what your audience wants to hear.

5. Be Consistent – Being consistent means a few things in terms of scoping. You need to consistently show up and have material for people to view You need to talk about consistent topics and find your niche, so people know what to expect when they come into your scope.

6. Recycle Content – There is not enough time in the day to constantly come up with new content. Read old blog posts (or paraphrase them) on a scope. Save your scope video and embed it into a blog post. Your time is valuable, so get the most out of your efforts.

7. Don’t Over Share – A lot of scopers ask you to share out their content, and when you are joining these communities they sometimes seem like they are requiring it. But I am warning you to do this sparingly. Sharing out other people’s scopes all the time will drive your own followers nuts! It is a fast way to lose followers, so only share content that you know your followers will also love to watch.

8. Don’t Follow Everyone – I made this mistake in the beginning… I followed everyone that came across my path, and I quickly had a Periscope feed filled with videos I didn’t have any interest in watching. You want to grow and connect, but do so with people you genuinely want to watch and follow.

9. Don’t Turn On Location – Turning on your location will get you more viewers in each scope, but it will also bring more trolls. I rarely have issues with trolls since I do not share my location.

10. Don’t Acknowledge the Trolls – If trolls do come in to your scopes, do not acknowledge them. Do not make it a point to say, “Oohh, that’s unacceptable. blocked!” because it is distracting to your viewers. And if they are watching the replay, they will not see the blocked person’s comments anyway!

Here’s the number one tip…JUST PRESS THE RED BUTTON!

The more you scope, the easier it will become. The nerves will subside, and you will find your niche. People will get to truly know you, and you will get to know them and establish new relationships that can help you in the long run!

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  • Dara says:

    This is a great list! I took a break from Periscope, but have been wanting to jump back on, so this couldn’t have come at a better time. Thanks!