How to Use IFTTT To Easily Share Your Instagram Photos on Twitter

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I love Instagram. I also like to share Instagram posts on Twitter and Facebook.

When you share an Instagram post to Facebook, the image shows, and it’s visually appealing to the audience on both platforms. (Maybe because Facebook bought Instagram? Hmmm.)

However, when you share an Instagram post to Twitter, the image gets converted to a link.

Wah wah. No image. NO fun.

Ever see this happen?

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Yes, I shared an Instagram post to Twitter the wrong way just for you!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to share Instagram posts on Twitter with the picture in the tweet?

There is a solution, and it’s name is IFTTT (If This Then That). A nifty online tool that allows you to create IFTTT recipes for all kinds of things, especially converting your Instagram images to show as images on your Twitter feed.

Learn how to automatically share your Instagram images to Twitter with the pictures showing in the Tweet. It is super simple, and only takes minutes to set up! Social Media Tip

How To Share Instagram Posts On Twitter With IFTTT

Setting up the recipe is easy, but tweaking how you create your Instagram captions takes a little thought. I’ll go into my method and share some things to think about when you are posting on Instagram.

    1. Head over to IFTTT and set up an account.
    2. Link your Twitter and Instagram accounts.
    3. Add this recipe to your IFTTT account and start sharing!

IFTTT Recipe: Automatically post your Instagrams as Twitter photos connects instagram to twitter

Not so fast, actually. I promised there would be some things to consider, right?

This recipe means that everytime you share an image to Instagram it automatically (pushes to IFTTT which then) pushes to Twitter.

Before you turn this IFTTT recipe on, ask yourself:

Will I always want my Instagram images shared on Twitter?

Why should you ask yourself this question?

For bloggers who have more of a personal feel to their Instagram maybe you don’t want to share every image with your Twitter audience (because that’s where you’re profesh) or maybe you’re not into sharing every image of your dog/child/ice cream cone with your Twitter audience.

If you answered “Yes, I want to share all the things!” Consider this:

The caption should be short and sweet, maybe with one hashtag at the very least. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but think about how you tweet, it’s different from how you ‘gram, right? If not, it should be!

If you’re ok with every image pushing through IFTTT to Twitter, remember that it’s probably a good idea to change how you caption your Instagram posts so Twitter audiences see this:

Learn how to share Instagram posts on Twitter. Use this easy IFTTT recipe, and the Instagram photos will show up in the tweet as a picture!

Clean and perfect for your Twitter audience.

But you wanted to say more on Instagram? No problem!

You can go back and edit your Instagram post and add all the content you wanted to include! Here’s how I do it:

  1. Create Instagram caption with relevant hashtags on Evernote, a word doc, a draft email, etc. (Bonus Social Media Maven Tip: I have hashtags saved by topics I share on Instagram so I’m not hand typing hashtags with every Instagram post. I just copy and paste from Evernote. This not only saves me time, but keeps my Instagram feed focused and on brand!)
  2. Make sure that the caption’s first sentence is optimized for Twitter (a short sentence and a hashtag).
  3. Copy and paste that first sentence with your image to Instagram.
  4. Post to Instagram.
  5. IFTTT will share it to Twitter, and then you’ll be able to immediately go back and update the content of your Instagram post (because timing is everything on that platform).
  6. Add relevant hashtags to a comment (to keep the Instagram caption clean – it looks more appealing in the feed).

And that’s how you share Instagram posts on Twitter the right way, using IFTTT.

Anyone else use IFTTT? Tell me your favorite IFTTT recipes in the comments!

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  • I didn’t even consider this to be a thing. I don’t normally share my Instagram posts to Twitter for that exact reason. Why post a link on one social media to another social media. It’s not that enticing. I’ll try this out though!

    Also, the etsy link in your bio appears to be broken. Unless it’s something on my end.

  • I typically keep my IG and Twitter profiles (along with FB) a bit separate, but there are some really great tips here that I look forward to using! Saving hashtags to copy & paste – genius. I always seem to forget something or it takes me forever to post an image while I try to think of all the hashtags I should use and inevitably forget some. Also appreciate the tip of posting to twitter first then going back in and updating the content. I do love that Instagram allows for those edits.

  • Thank you for all the tips. Instagram is not my forte, so much appreciated!

  • I have an IFTTT account but haven’t used it. For now, I like keeping my posts on Twitter and Instagram a little different. On the user end, I get kind of tired of seeing things in triplicate – identical posts from people I follow on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. (And sometimes Pinterest, too.) Maybe I should choose to follow people on only one platform?

    • I’m in the same camp, Carolyn. That’s why I will occassionaly share an image on Instagram and then to Twitter (manually) and then add a different caption.

      I wouldn’t necessarily follow just one platform – because what if different posts are shared on different platforms?? Unless you know that’s all they do? Tough call!

  • Thanks for this! Saving these instructions so I can try this 🙂

  • Iris Hanlin says:

    This is great! I never knew how to do this, and I really dislike the link that usually pops up when I share an Instagram to Twitter. That’s partly why I stopped doing it!

    The Starving Inspired