How Bloggers Are Using Periscope + Tips For Your First Scope

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Seriously? Another social media network? Those were honestly my first thoughts when I heard other bloggers raving about Periscope. But after hearing about it over and over again, I decided to look into it. And am I ever glad I did!

What is Periscope?

Periscope is a social media app that allows people to broadcast live video and interact via chat with viewers via your smartphone or tablet. It’s fairly new (Periscope launched in March of this year) but already boasts 10 million users.

So Periscope is off to a great start, but what does that have to do with you as a blogger?

Periscope presents a unique opportunity to connect with your audience PLUS reach new fans.

Great ideas for how bloggers can use Periscope + tips for your first broadcast! | Social Media Tips

What I love About Periscope

  • It’s real. There’s no tricky video editing, no retakes (unless you stop and start over). No one expects a polished performance on Periscope so the pressure is very low.

  • No expensive equipment or software needed! All you need is a smartphone or a tablet and you’re good to go.

  • It’s fun! This is blog comments on steroids, my friends! If you like talking with your readers, you’ll love talking to them live even more!

  • You create instant rapport. Personality comes through so easily on video.

  • The potential is tremendous! While there are 10+ million users, my impression is that the number of people actually broadcasting is relatively low. At any one time, I’ve seen around 100 live broadcasts on the global list. What does this mean for you? It means that your competition for viewers is quite low. Especially now while the network is still new, you have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor and build a following.

Screenshot of Periscope

What would you use Periscope for?

  • demo a short craft or recipe

  • show a before and after project

  • work through a 31 day challenge with your readers
  • discuss a popular blog post

  • talk about a great book you’ve read

  • interview someone about your niche
  • show a behind the scenes look of your workspace, kitchen, etc.

  • check in with your readers from a special venue (conference, outing, etc.)
  • ask your fans a question and get input

On a recent Periscope for the SITS Girls, we were chatting about Pinterest so I opened up my laptop and walked through a few tips about Pinterest. This kind of application is super easy to do and fans love it!

How To Do Your First Periscope

  1. Signup for an account and set up your phone or tablet with the app. Cristina has helpful instructions on getting set up with Periscope. (Make sure you follow @SITGirls and me @theEarlyBirdMom!)

  2. Watch a few scopes from other people so you get a feel for how they work.

  3. Decide on a topic for your scope. You definitely don’t want to start broadcasting without an idea of what you’re going to say. I always have at least a few bullet points written down so I don’t forget something.

  4. Write a good title for your scope. You cannot edit the title once you start broadcasting so make sure you don’t have any typos! I learned this one the hard way. Emoticons in the title are also fun and help attract attention.

  5. Make sure you have decent lighting and your device is fully charged. There’s nothing more frustrating that being in the middle of a scope that’s going beautifully only to have your phone die! You can also turn your device to airplane mode so a call or notification doesn’t interrupt your scope.

  6. Take a few deep breaths and hit broadcast. You may be nervous during your first few scopes, but just imagine you’re talking to a few friends. Scoping gets much, much easier with practice. If you’re really nervous, see how to beat procrastination and do hard things.

  7. Be prepared to block viewers who leave unsavory comments. Unfortunately trolls roam around Periscope just like they do the rest of the internet. Occasionally they’ll jump into a scope and try to cause trouble. Just tap their comment when it happens and hit block.

Periscope will save your scope for 24 hours so people can watch the replay. If you want to save your scopes indefinitely, you can use a free service called Katch.me to create your own Periscope archive.

Broadcasting live video might be a step outside your comfort zone. But give it a try anyway. You might be surprised to find (like me) that you love it!

Have you done your first scope yet?
Leave your Periscope handle in the comments!

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  • Holly says:

    Excellent article and just may be the boost I need to get started! I have a Periscope handle (@thiswifecooks) but have yet to go live with my first broadcast.

  • This is super helpful Sarah. Thank you for sharing your Periscope tips with us.

  • Krista says:

    I’ve used Periscope when I’m traveling to promote my travel agency business. One mistake I made was that my camera default was hi-definition. Not good when you’re walking around filming places. Everything gets a little blurry on the high def.
    My handle is @WasatchTravel

  • I have! Handle @jawspeaks I call my scopes Action scopes! Business lifestyle tips for Moms &Dads. Periscope is great for uploading to YouTube and live workshops as well! Put together a power point -position your camera phone and wham! Instant 24hour live workshop clients attendees included!

    Thanks for the tips! Live stream to the future!
    P.s you can also have your own show via Apple TV.

  • Alexa says:

    I’ve been so nervous about starting a Periscope, but I feel like it could be really fun and helpful, and this post was a lovely overview on it! Thank you!

  • Gabby says:

    Katch.me is where you would record and Periscopes you have going on. I think PS would be great for answering reader questions on a specific topic, doing a makeup look from start to finish, showing behind the scenes during a live photoshoot…so many possibilities!

  • Taja Fox says:

    Thank you for this post. I have been debating for months if I should use Periscope and how it would be useful to me as a blogger. I will do more research and give it a try! 🙂


  • Hi Sarah,

    Excellent tip! (My scope handle is ticklesandtots). I stepped out of my comfort zone and jumped in. I have actually scoped 12 times. Definitely nervous on my first scope. Still learning and practicing. I love watching other scopes and meeting new people. Periscope is a great way to network and promote your blog or brand. I will share this tip with my scope friends. Thank you!

  • Paula Kiger says:

    I have!! (My handle is biggreenpen.) I probably made all the mistakes you listed ….. because I just started cold without reading how to do it! But I was at a blogger event and decided there was no time like the present. Its so cool to see all the hearts coming in (except the ones from trolls of course!). I would also add that you CAN save the video you made during a Periscope. Thx for these tips they’ll definitely come in handy!

    • Great! I’ll look you up, Paula. Experience is a great teacher, isn’t it? Thanks for the tip about saving the video. My phone is always short on storage so I just use Katch, but it would be nice to have a local copy.