Finding Baby Bedtime Bliss

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Huggies®.

In the very early days with my first child, I remembered thinking how simple it all seemed. There were some very nice nurses in the hospital who were anxious to show me just how everything was done. My husband was able to spend his time in the hospital with us, easily pitching in with that new parent excitement. Surely, this parenting stuff was a breeze. Of course, that was until we went home.

And then added two more kids, including a new baby in the past year. (How cute is that Huggies®-covered baby?)


Currently in the throes of the baby stages with our third child, we can only shake our heads and laugh at how “simple” it all seemed to us way back then. The biggest challenge is, and always has been, sleep deprivation. While all new parents face this in some form, we found ourselves making an interesting mistake with our third baby; we assumed he would follow the patterns of our second child.

What’s most entertaining about this error is that we had quite naturally done this with our second. After you feel like you have a handle on things with your first, you go about doing things the same way with your second- typically, to find your second challenging everything that worked the first time around. By our third child, you would think we would catch on. Which we did- just not at first. So, here are my tried and true bedtime strategies for getting your baby down at night and achieving bedtime bliss.

Three Tips to Finding the “Right” Bedtime Routine


Remember that all babies are different.

Seriously. SO different. What works for one child may not- and probably won’t- work for another. Try various techniques until one seems to fit. Our first child needed complete silence and no light in the room to sleep; our current baby requires a noise machine and a dim lamp. The faster you realize that something isn’t quite working, the faster you can give something else a try and work towards sleeping success.

Ask for help. LOTS of help.

We have found with Brady that if he wakes up at night, he will go back to sleep- as long as you are moving and he has a fresh diaper. After a rough round of teething, there was no way I could possibly make that 4:30 am hike up and down the hallway to settle him down. So, I enlisted the help of my enviably snoring husband to take his round- and conveniently leave a set of diapers and wipes in the living room.


Enjoy the moment(s).

They’re really not going to last for long. Even though you may have to try ten swaddling blankets, three different nighttime lotions and fifteen lullabies, it all will fly by far too fast. So, while peaceful slumber may end up only lasting a short while, I try to embrace the hour-long bedtime ritual. I slowly give the baby a bath, sing a song while putting him in his pajamas for the night and hum softly while I rock him to sleep. If nothing else, I’ll never wish I held him less. 

What bedtime tips and tricks work for you with your baby?

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Huggies®.

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  • Sleep deprivation, those were the days =)
    For my daughter, talking to her while carrying her around the helps works most of the time. For emergencies, we load her in the car and drive around a couple of blocks. For some reason that ALWAYS works.

  • Allison says:

    Love the face! And yes…all babies are different! Don’t think you have to do things like all the other moms are doing it. Find what works for you and your family! Huggies are my favorite, FYI.

  • Momchalant says:

    Look at that little face. My son does the same thing.. for everything. Not just bedtime. They are lucky they’re so cute.

  • Tanya says:

    Yes! Every baby is different. Once you find what works for the individual child life will be a lot easier. Great tips!

  • Janet Dubac says:

    Your little tot is such a cutie! Thank you for sharing these insight Ashley–especially your reminder on how each baby is different. I have a lot of friends who are labeling their babies as “difficult” merely because the strategies that worked for their older kids do not work with him/her.

  • awww, your baby is adorable, even if it’s past his bedtime 🙂

  • Awww! So cute! Thanks for sharing this….we are just waiting for #1 to come along anytime in the next few weeks and it’s good to keep this in mind.

  • He is so cute! I love his “I need bedtime” face.