We are big fans of reading here at The SITS Girls! A well crafted book can help you to see the world in new ways, open up your imagination, teach you something new, or spark your creativity. All great things for bloggers. Plus, reading good books can help you nurture your own writing as you are inspired to try new things with your words.

Even better than reading a book is sharing it with a friend. So we’re collecting all the best books to read here in one spot to make it easy for you to build your own reading list.

We hope you get inspired to read (and write) more this year!

All of the best books to read this year + reading challenges you will love!

The Best Books To Read

  • 12 Good Books To Read in 2016 – Use this reading challenge to read one book a month.
  • Summer Reading List 2016 – A great mix of new, not-new, and classic books. Perfect for long days by the pool.
  • The Best Books On Writing – We love these books, because they combine two of our favorite things: reading and writing. Are you ready to take your writing to the next level? Do you want inspiration and encouragement along with some of those basics you might have forgotten in the years that have passed since your high school English class? Then this is the reading list for you.
  • The Best Books For Entrepreneurs – If you are making money with your blog (or want to make money with your blog), you are an entrepreneur. This is a great list of books for you to help you focus on turning your blog into a business.
  • The 10 Best Books By Bloggers – You love reading their blog posts, so you are really going to love reading their books! From funny to serious, this list has a little bit of everything – even a book to help you start your own blog if you are ready to break into the world of blogging for the first time.
  • For The Love Of Reading: The Best Romance Books – This is the perfect list of books to add a little extra love to your day.
  • Good Books By Male Authors You Need to be Reading – After we shared the post of 12 books to read this year, a commenter pointed out that they were all by women! We love women authors, but we like men, too, so we put together some books by male authors you don’t want to miss.

Here are some book lists we shared in 2015!

  • 12 Good Books You Must Read in 2015 – Check out our must read list from 2015, and get caught up on any titles you missed.
  • Best Books To Read Before They Hit Theaters In Spring 2015 – We always try to read a book before we see its movie adaptation, but we always miss a few. This list will help you to make your Spring reading list so you can get to all those books before their movie comes out.
  • 6 Great Books To Read This Fall – There are so many great novels and memoirs coming out in the fall of 2015, it is hard to know where to start your reading list. We have narrowed down our 6 favorites to help you find the perfect autumn read!

We’ll have more recommendations as the year progresses and we collect all the best books to read. If you have a good book we need to check out, let us know! We are always looking for new titles.

And in 2018, we shared an educational book list!

  • 10 Educational Books That are Fun to Read – Reading is a favorite activity for us, and it’s also beneficial for children’s brain growth. These books provide great ways to bond with your children!