Puerto Rico Family Vacation

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What’s on my mind?

Puerto Rico family vacation.

Puerto Rico

As in, San Juan.

I know.

It’s awesome, right?


Beaches, snorkeling, history, natural parks and so much more.

When I began the search for our family vacation, I crossed off  Mexico (we’ve been 4 times in the last 6 years).

Then, I considered Hawaii.  That lasted 2.5 seconds.  Have you SEEN the cost of flights to Maui?   Yikes.

I knew I wanted beaches {Puerto Rico has them!}, nature to explore {Puerto Rico has a rainforest} and I need round trip tickets under $600/person…. Done.

Now for the hotel.

I got on Twitter, of course.

Who responded to my query about the fabulous San Juan hotels?

Lots of people actually.

And, one fabulous hotel.

San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino.

Thanks to them, in just a little over two weeks, my husband, son and I will be enjoying:


Puerto Rico

Um, yes.  That is a swim up bar.

And, that awesome water shooting thingy?

That’s a kids pool.

I’ll be strolling along the beach.

Did I tell you it’s directly outside the hotel?

Well, it is.

Puerto Rico

It’s like you can almost hear the waves and feel that white sand beneath your feet.


Our room?

Oh, it’ll look something like this….

Puerto Rico


That is the ocean.

Just past the balcony.

However, I’m guessing you are like me and more excited about the bed.

As it’s made up.

By someone who is not me.

Of course, we’ll have to eat.

And San Juan Marriott has all amazing food….

Puerto Rico

Scallop Cocktail anyone?

But, again, we all know the most exciting part of that deliciousness is that I DON’T HAVE TO MAKE IT!

I’ll be sharing vlogs on Facebook and tweets {#TiffsTrip} keeping you updated on our Puerto Rico adventure.

Are You Dreaming of Getting Away?

Now that I’ve worked you up into a jealous rage, I’ve got some good news.

I’d like to help one lucky lady land a great hotel stay at a great resort.

I did it…just using a little old fashioned creativity and sending over my social media pitch to the wonderful people at the San Juan Marriott Hotel.

Why Not You Too?

Here’s the deal: I want to help you experience the same vacation bliss I will at the destination of your dreams. The proposal? I help YOU create a social media pitch for a hotel AND give you The SITS Girls {and all its wonderful stats} to post about and promote your vacation. We’ll even tweet for you too.

More details to come.

Interested? Let me know by leaving a comment below telling me why YOU think the San Juan Marriott Hotel is the perfect place for a family vacation.

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  • The San Juan Marriot? Three words – San Juan, and Marriott. I love staying at Marriott’s most especially because of their beds and linens and pillows. Ahhhh – do I have a thing about fresh, clean sheets and nice bedding. Yes.
    And the pools? The sunshine? The white sand and blue water? Perfect – especially when I live in Colorado and it’s 16 degrees out right now.

    The cherry on top of the San Juan Marriott is that it isn’t so far – relatively.

    Throw in the fresh seasfood, the fruits, the excellent coffee – and seriously – you have perfection.

  • I’m late to the comment party, but I promise I’ll be on time to catch my dream vacation flight (once you help me snag a sponsor). Since finding a babysitter for my two preschoolers while I soothe my travel itch is a no-go, I have to take the tykes with me. Puerto Rico looks like a family vacation where every member of my crew could have a blast. Here are 10 reasons why Puerto Rico and I need to set a date:

    1. A boardwalk on the bay filled with families, street vendors hawking yummy treats, and free Caribbean concerts.
    2. Colonial fortresses and world-class spas to explore.
    3. A short boat ride to Gilligan’s Island – yes, like the one we used to watch on TV, although I don’t know if Skipper will be there.
    4. Lobster turnovers and free trolley rides.
    5. Feeding pigeons in a 100-year-old plaza.
    6. Sandy shores, seaside villages, warm and calm waters.
    7. A bay that literally glows from bioluminescence.
    8. Freshly caught seafood dinners and homegrown premium coffee.
    9. Convenience – No passport needed, English speaking, and the dollar works as well there as anywhere in the U.S.
    10. Rum, the national drink of Puerto Rico, relieves headaches, stress, and other stateside ailments.

  • Don’t worry be Happy! (cue music)
    What more could a marvelous mom ask for? Beds made, meals cooked and history galore…
    What more could a wonderful woman ask for? Beaches, pool bar, casino and relaxation…
    Any lucky lady and her family would be fortunate to getaway to San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino.
    I will keep my fingers crossed that I am that marvelous mom, wonderful woman and lucky lady.
    Have a fun trip and take lots of pictures to share with all of us at home.

  • Ghada says:

    The San Juan Marriott Resort looks like a perfect getaway for a family. I’d be looking forward to the excellent services and rooms that the Mariott name is known for (can you say no laundry or making beds?)

    What better place for the entire family to unwind with child recreational facilities, pools and the beach so nearby.

    I also like the idea of not feeling overwhelmed before we even get there with all the travel and logistics for day trips. San Juan looks gorgeous and there is so much outdoorsy fun to be had and what better place to stay to be amongst it all.

    This place just works for families!

    Have a great trip Tiffany 🙂

  • Camille says:

    I served a mission in Puerto Rico about 15 years ago – it really is the Island of Enchantment! Oh, I’m SOOO jealous you’ll get to go! Definitely visit El Morro and Old San Juan, El Yunque, the Phosphorescent Bay, and there will be plenty of sandy beaches for you to visit. And oh sweet mother of tropical paradise, there will be some amazing foot and tropical fruits for you to enjoy!! Have so much fun and I can’t wait to hear more about how I can pitch a blogging opportunity for my own family vacation!

  • Erin says:

    I am completely speechless with jealousy! And here I wanted to go back to Maui next year because we had such a fab time this year, but now? I am completely revamping that idea!
    Both my boys are still so young but with all they have to do there? We’d never be bored!
    Have a fantastic time!!!!

  • Lisa Ladrido says:

    The San Juan Marriott Hotel is the perfect place for a family vacation because it is close to Old San Juan where you will find the 1634 Chapel of Christ and Parque de las Palomas, Fort San Felipe del Morro, great shops and restaurants, El Condado and beaches. If you drive east of San Juan you will find a beautiful beach called Luquillo with views of the El Yunque Rain Forest. If you get to spend the day at El Yunque you will feel like you are in a jungle with ferns that tower over trees! West of San Juan you can travel to Arecibo where there is the light house that was built around 1898. Driving through the mountains of Arecibo you will find the “largest single dish radio telescope in the world”. Here they filmed movies like James Bond’s “GoldenEye” and Jodi Foster’s “Contact”. Johnny Depp also likes to film in Puerto Rico, like his movie “Pirates on the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” and his latest movie The Rum Diary! Enjoy this trip and have fun! I know you will. Warm virtual hugs!! Lisa Ladrido

  • Lisa Ladrido says:

    I am so happy for you! I used to live there and miss it terribly. Don’t forget to go to Luquillo Beach, it is east of San Juan and one of the best beaches there. Mostly the locals go so it isn’t much of a tourist trap. I can’t wait to see all of your pictures when you get back. Have fun in the sun!~Lisa

  • What’s not to LOVE about this? I haven’t been on a vacation like this since my honeymoon and have never been to Mexico. Like the others said, no passport is ideal {since I always seem to lose mine}. I would love to soak up some sun on a beach by myself with a drink in one hand and a book in the other. Have fun Tiff!

  • Sili says:

    Where do I begin! First off, it’s the perfect family vacation spot because someone will be making my bed AND my meals! I mean, it doesn’t get any better than that, does it? Also, I have never visited Puerto Rico and keep hearing how wonderful it is! It’s a non-stop ride over and with an almost 2 year old, that’s important.

    I am looking forward to exploring the island, the food and the beautiful history. It’s something I look forward to doing in the Caribbean in general. I think people forget that there were settlements there first. It was the “New World” for real and I can’t wait to explore the beautiful sites of that little island.

    The beautiful beaches don’t hurt either. And, with me knowing the language, well, it’s a perfect fit. Marriott’s are always wonderful. I can’t imagine staying anywhere else when outside of the continental US. So, when can I start packing my bags?

  • I am a huge history buff! When I taught fifth grade social studies I was in heaven! This seems like the perfect vacation with a combination of history and beaches there is something for the whole family. I would love to visit! I can’t wait to read about your trip!

  • Sarah says:

    You had me at swim up bar BUT…I think it sounds like a dream vacation because of what Stacey said about the central location to all those activities but having the beach right there if you want to relax. Sounds. Perfect.

    Of course I haven’t been on a vacation in years so anything sounds perfect 🙂

  • Jackie says:

    Alright, here’s the thing. My husband and I never went on a honeymoon…. instead we packed up our three girls and headed to Chicago for a week long vacation. American Girl store included! We thought that this was a great way to start our new lives together as a family.
    Well because of this we never went away together and haven’t yet… sad isn’t it?
    In looking at the San Juan Marriott it has just about everything that anyone could want! Beautiful rooms, pools, spa, restaurants, and of course the beautiful beach!
    In addition to that if you decide to venture out into the city there is so much to see and do! The fortress, golfing, the rainforest, and probably a little shopping!
    A week away with just my husband is definitely something that is required! And what better way to celebrate our 5th anniversary!

    • Tiffany says:

      I did have a honeymoon- but there was a crocodile in the water at the resort… so… it wasn’t exactly the tropical get-a-way I was hoping for…. So looking forward to this vacation!

      5 yrs? You two totally deserve a get-a-way


  • As home schoolers, we usually include a little school on our vacations. San Juan would be an awesome place to “do school.” We could cover science by observing the effects of waves on a sand castle. What better way to learn about history than to tour a historic fort? And to learn our language arts lessons we would journal our hiking adventures in the rain forest. Oh yeah! Sounds like it’s time to take this home school on the road!

  • The pool alone has me sold!

  • OK, yes, I had to be that person that came and found this post… 🙂 Most importantly, I am excited for you and your family; I think you totally deserve a vacation and I’m sure the fam does too. And then yes, there is that part of me that hopes I win. 🙂 Sorry, I’m selfish like that…

    I think the place looks awesome!!! And I’ll sound like a total lush saying this {but you know this is not the case; I wasn’t wasted last night at the cocktail party}, but I think the most fabulous thing is the swim up bar. That’s just uber ingenuity right there… 🙂

    Miss you already, and I don’t mean that in a stalker kind of way!

    • Tiffany says:

      This totally cracked me up.

      Yes, the swim up bar is a little slice of heaven!

      When will I see you again….??


  • Keisha @ Captured Footprints says:

    I would love to go to Puerto Rico!! I have been to one island my entire life {my fiancé – none}. I would love to give him the opportunity to experience vacations outside of the US. For me – As an ex-consultant {who has been to numerous hotels}, going to this hotel would give me a vacation outside of work stays. Who wants to go to a hotel that makes you feel like you are at work?!? I could use a vacation {not a stay-cation}: relaxation, food, drinks, scenery, and a chance to reconnect with my family {my fiancé}.


  • Dawn Camp says:

    That pool and that beah equals fabulous. My kids would think they’d died and gone to heaven. AMAZING!

  • Jennifer says:

    I know several people that have been to Puerto Rico and just fell in love. I actually had an audit client with a location there, but I never got picked to go. 🙁 Nope, I got to go to Canada. In January. That was as fun as you can imagine. San Juan would be better than that by about a million times.

    I think Puerto Rico would be a great family vacation because it gives you the opportunity to introduce your children to a completely different culture without the need of a passport. I think it is so important for kids to be exposed to as many things as possible.

    I used to travel all the time for work and Marriott was always my favorite hotel brand. From their high end hotels all the way to the low (cost) end you were always guaranteed great service. They are still my go to choice when traveling with my family.

  • Jenn says:

    … because it’s about as far away from South Africa as I can get… and you can’t holiday unless you’re AWAY. That’s why it’s called a ‘getaway’… because you get away. And I’m all about hopping on a plane to get away.

  • Looks great! Even though you’re in a culturally and historically rich part of the world, the resort looks like it could offer everything a family would need: food, comfort, relaxation, entertainment… so much so that you wouldn’t even have to leave it! If that’s what you want from your holiday I mean…

    Maria xx

  • The San Juan Marriott Hotel is the perfect place for a family vacation beause it offers the best of both worlds. For kids of all ages there are tons of super fun activities, including a water slide, Beach Volleyball, Ping Pong / Table Tennis, Beach Paddle Ball, Connect Four, Horse Shoes, Ring Toss,
    Bingo, Library “You Tube” Video, and so much more. While the kids are enjoying their time, Mom and Dad can relax by the pool while sipping on some exotic drinks. There are more age specific activities for the kids to enjoy as well. Parents can finish off the night in the casino, after the kids turn in. Outside of the resort there are a few Family & Children’s Activities. Try Kite Flying nearby 0.5 mile(s) on the front lawn of El Morro fortress in Old San Juan. It is the perfect place to fly a kite! In case of rain see what’s showing at the Caribbean Cinemas Plaza Las Americas nearby 3.5 mile(s) Phone: 1 787 727 7137. Enjoy the latest Hollywood hits in one of 13 state of the art movie theaters. Fee: 6.50 USD. Spend a relaxing afternoon at the San Juan’s Children’s Museum nearby 5 mile(s) Phone: 1 787 722 3791. This is an Interactive children’s museum that kids of all ages will love. Fee: 7.00 USD. The family options are endless. What better place than The San Juan Marriott Hotel for a family to enjoy quality time together making memories that will last forever. (Oh and yes I am totally interested in this. I hope you and your family enjoy your trip)

  • Holly says:

    Wow, you’re going to have a great time! The San Juan Marriott Hotel looks fantastic. You picked a good one because of what you mentioned — the pool and the beaches and the great food — and also because it looks like the resort has something for everyone in the whole family.

    It would be great to learn how to pitch a hotel. I have a published travel book, but it’s about nature travel and doesn’t deal a lot with hotels (so I never had to contact resorts). My family loves to travel!

  • Natalia says:

    um. YES PLEASE!! I think I like it all, but I am gonna go with the easy flights, the fact that it is tropical and beautiful and NOT Mexico or Hawaii. I love different and have always wanted to go there!

  • Mama Kat says:

    Those pools are to die for! I’m thinking the San Juan Marriott might be the perfect destination for the next Bloggy Boot Camp blog conference as well!

    • TiffanyRom says:

      I am totally going to check out the conference space while we are there.

      Can you imagine the sessions?

      “How to Blog Poolside”

      “Underwater Photographs- the New Must-Have.”

  • I am going to say that San Juan’s Marriott Resort and Puerto Rico is the perfect vacation spot because you don’t need a passport if you are a US citizen, and for me, that is important right now because since I’ve had kids, my passport is expired in the desk drawer.

    Love hotels!!!


  • Chas says:

    Wow! I absolutely love the Marriot brand, so staying with a hotel I trust on an international vacation is a huge plus. I would love guidance on a media package for smaller scale things. How can I get help with one?

  • I would totally love to work with you on this. Not only would I be learning from a Master, but a vacation would be amazing right now! We’ve been starving students fro 7 years and the only had a couple vacations we took in that time that were just an overnight somewhere a few hours away from where we were living. I would love to explore the world more and have a real adventure on someone else’s dime!

    Teach me how! Teach me how!!!!

  • Michelle says:

    Oh, I love Puerto Rico! We’ve always done it independently and sometimes end up in some pretty scary areas. What a fantastic experience it would be to do it in luxury!

  • The breathtaking beauty of the location, combined with the elegance of the accommodations would make for a spectacular family vacation. As my son nears graduation, we are longing to get away for a beach vacation, just one more time, before our family is split up, with him going his separate way. I would love to make it a vacation to remember, someplace exotic and slightly foreign, yet memorable: a place none of us has ever been before! Would lOVE to vlog our experiences there as well, and give my son a chance to exercise a bit of the Spanish he learned during 3 mission trips to Mexico to help the poor there.

    Wow! Pick me, PLEASE, and teach me all I need to know in regard to learning to create an effective social media pitch!

    The resort looks spectacular!!!

  • Sara says:

    Easy! It’s perfect because you don’t have to leave the hotel to have a great time, but they’ll help you when you want to explore all that PR has to offer!!

    I wanna go!!!!!!!! Can I go in your suitcase?

  • Shannon says:

    Sigh. I’ve never been to Mexico. This place looks amazing! I homeschool my kids, so traveling is becoming a big part of their education. I bet the history is absolutely amazing in San Juan and the Marriott would point us to all the best places.

    Have an wonderful trip! Can’t wait to hear more.

  • Becca says:

    The San Juan Marriott is the perfect vacation spot for us because…
    1) Marriott hotels have the most comfortable beds ever. Seriously, we wrote down the type of mattress last time we stayed in one. We are saving up to buy one for ourselves.
    2) We are beach bums. Sand in between toes, the sound of ocean waves, soft sea breeze, it is all therapy for me.
    3) We are history nerds. My husband and I both majored in history and he is a world geography teacher. We love touring forts and colonial villages and learning while on vacay.
    4) The weather is turning cold, and we are dreaming of some place warm.
    5) We had our first baby in May, and saving for a vacation is going to take a while. Diapers are expensive!

  • Looks fabulous, Tiffany! Have a wonderful time!!!

  • Jamie says:

    Ok, my response is “Why is it NOT the perfect place for a family getaway?!” So awesome! We are big Mexico veterans and I lived in Costa Rica for a semester in college but I’ve always wanted to go to Puerto Rico. So beautiful!

  • Winter says:

    The San Juan Marriott Hotel looks amazing! And perfect for hours next to the pool! For someone who suffers a little bit of Seasonal Affective Disorder, some time in the sun would be perfect!

  • Emily says:

    The San Juan Marriot Hotel looks amazing and close to all of the great things Puerto Rico has to offer. Congrats to you! I went to Puerto Rico nearly 20 years ago (I am 42 now) and it was one of the best vacations I have ever had. If you like to relax, dance and gamble as well as see history and amazing things like the rain forest, PR has it all! Enjoy!

    It has been my dream to make it to Disney World through my blog. I am disabled so I have a good angle, lol. Because my husband and I both are disabled, we live in poverty. On my bucket list is to find a way to take my 5 year old son to Disney World. He is such a good boy. My husband and I never thought we would be this sick, who does, and I feel sad that my son is not going to be able to have the things that the average American child will have.

    • TiffanyRom says:

      Disney World is a great vacation- especially for a 5 to 9 year old!

      We took my son when he was 5 and he absolutely love it.

      Growing up, my family didn’t have a ton of extra money, but when we did my parents took us on vacation- those are my best memories for sure.

  • Jenny says:

    Oh wow! Our family has never been on a vacation like this before! I would love to show them another part of the world. They are all about being outdoors, and adventure!

  • Gigi says:

    I so want to go there right now. It looks like a charming city and that beach? Amazing. You will have a fabulous time!

  • Jessica says:

    Must go to El Yunque (rainforest) and do the hike to the Big Waterfall… it is a long walk (about 45 minutes each way) but IT ALL worth it!!!
    If you have the opportunity and do some sight seeing, take a trip to Ponce (on the South of the Island) the city is beautiful and there is a lot of History and one of the first Fire Stations in the Island!!!
    Enjoy your trip to my Beautiful PR!!!

    • TiffanyRom says:

      Thanks for the recommendations!

      We’ve got a tour to El Yunque planned, and we’ll have a car, so I am adding Ponce to the list!

  • My husband and I were blessed enough to take a week-long trip to Puerto Rico earlier this year (staying at a different Marriott in San Juan, in fact!), and we both said we would LOVE to bring our kids back with us some time! The San Juan Marriott would be a perfect location because not only is San Juan a fabulous place to explore, but it’s so centrally located and a great “home base” for a variety of awesome day-trips. Rainforest? Check. World’s largest telescope? Check. Crazy jungle roads and mountain villages? Check. You can get to them all and still come back to a splendid spot on the beach. Having said all that, though, I also think the San Juan Marriott would be the perfect place to just take a day off and enjoy the pools and family activities. It looks like there’s still so much to do without even getting in the car! 🙂

  • Um…yeah. I’m SO interested and totally all over this.

    The San Juan Marriott Hotel sounds like the perfect place for a family vacation because it’s an easy flight from the US…and I don’t think that everyone needs passports for Puerto Rico, plus it’s a Marriott chain, which are always consistent.

    Oh yeah, and isn’t there a casino there? The kids have to go to bed at some point, right?

    • TiffanyRom says:

      The casino was how I hooked by husband into flying… he’s not a fan of cross country flights… being 6’5 is not conducive to airline seating….

      I’ll have a tropical drink for you….

  • Jen says:

    My husband was there for work about 4 years ago, and could not stop talking about what a beautiful place it is. I think it would be an awesome place for us to vacation together! He hasn’t stopped talking about the food, the sound of the ocean, or the delicious adult beverages.

  • Jean MN says:

    Me encanta! The San Juan Marriott is close to all that a family would love to visit by foot in San Juan and Old San Juan! The Fort is a fantastic place to run around within and on the long expanse of grasss. The sights, sounds, history, food, and people will enchant everyone! A visit to the different plazas, historical churches, beaches, ‘The Door’ to San Juan, will fill your days and minds with the Olof and history of a wonderful place! Yes staying at the San Juan Marriott you and your family will be able to enjoy all this and more!

    • TiffanyRom says:

      Being a totally history lover- I am SO looking forward to Old San Juan… definitely bringing my good camera.

      And the food?

      Can’t Wait.