Dill Pickle Ice Pops? Is this a good idea?

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When the heat hits I will do almost anything to stay cool. Subject myself to public swimming pools with hoards of kids, go to the movies just so I can freeze for two hours, and now…eat Dill Pickle Ice Pops.

I was actually quite surprised when I saw the reviews for these. Some moms noted that “this is a good healthy treat”, and  their whole family loved them.”

That got me thinking, would my kids actually eat a Dill Pickle Ice Pop? You bet I absolutely ordered some to test it out!

If all else fails, I will save these suckers for April Fools Day! They should be the perfect trick!

Checking out the nutrition facts was interesting, as well. There are practically no calories in them, so maybe this is the key to a Summer diet? It could also be a super funny gift for a pregnant momma friend. 

Upon further reading, I found that pickle juice is actually super common for intense athletes. They claim that it helps with cramps and muscle fatigue. Several marathon runners and long distance cyclers said they actually drink these pickle ice pops unfrozen. 

There is also a line of Pickle Juice Shots that has over 400 almost 5 star reviews. Crazy, right? These pickle fantastics rave that it curious contains over 20 times the amount of electrolytes as a regular sports drink. So perhaps you want to think about drinking pickle juice in the middle of a game or at the beach. It seems like a great way to replenish your body. 

Don’t forget when Christmas rolls around you can also snag Pickle Candy Canes. They might be funny to put in stockings and watch the shocked look on your family members’ faces. But, who knows, they could actually be delicious! 

All I know, is this summer I will be sucking down my Pickle Ice Pops, and fueling my body for that upcoming marathon that I will be running.

Just kidding.

There is no marathon, but I will for sure be giving these ice pops a try!

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