Mermaid Skeletons Are Here For Halloween

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The mythical creature trend has been on the rise for awhile. We fully embrace this, and are super excited to see it making an appearance this Halloween! Mermaid Skeletons are here, and we are totally ready for them.
Mermaid Skeleton

Mermaid Skeletons are here for Halloween

There are so many fun displays featuring skeleton bodies. Perhaps you have seen the ones of skeletons climbing up the walls and onto the roof, well imagine the front porch display you could make with a mermaid skeleton!

Creepy Halloween PorchMaybe you could even create a creepy pirate ship porch setup and add the mermaid skeleton as a finishing touch!

Halloween Decor With Mermaid Skeleton

These mythical creatures might not exist in real life, but for Halloween anything goes! When suspended upright the skeletons are at about 6 feet tall! You can display them sideways, or hang them, too!

Hanging Mermaid Skeleton

If you aren’t sure you want a full blown 6 foot mermaid skeleton, you could opt for a smaller one. We found this one that comes in at just about 30 inches.

Mermaid Skeleton Prop

If you are looking for other mythical creatures that come in skeleton form, you can also snag a unicorn skull! Why not be a little bit spooky and a little bit glam!

unicorn skull

We love to go big or go home, so we might be snagging one of these 3.5 foot full unicorn skeletons

unicorn skeleton

Whatever your decorating plans are for Halloween, make sure they include a mermaid skeleton or another mythical creature! We can’t wait to see this trend catch on!

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