Vlog Series: Enhance Your Video with Basic Techniques

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With video, it’s often best to record more footage than you need and to edit the clips together, just like we discussed in the second post in our series on how to create a vlog.

But once you have your clips all pieced together, there is still a little more work to do to be sure you have all the elements of a great vlog.


How to Edit a Video Blog

Most computers come bundled with video editing software. PCs have Windows Movie Maker or Windows Live Movie Maker and Macs have iMovie. Each one is different in how they are used but essentially they have the same editing functions.

Here are a few editing tricks that can be used to make your video entertaining and keep your viewers from clicking away.


It is good practice to use transitions between two clips. A smooth transition from one clip to the next will help your viewers follow along as your video progresses. Videos that have several clips with no transitions can sometimes become choppy and confusing to your audience. The software that comes bundled with your computer will have several transitions to choose from. Play around with the different transitions to see what fits best in the video you are making.

Tip: Transitions add to the length of your video so always add transitions before text and music. Watch your run time (if you have a specified time limit).


Adding words to your clips and photos can be beneficial for different reasons depending on what your video is about. If you are making a photo slideshow, text will tell your viewers what each photo is. If you are doing an instructional video then it’s often good to add text so that readers can pause the video to write down whatever steps you just showed them (like in the beginning of this Bloody Mary video). Text can also be used if you want to repeat what was said in the video, poke fun at yourself, or add other commentary.

Tip: When adding text to video, make sure that it is on the screen long enough for your viewers to read the words.


Just as in the movies, music can add depth to your projects, engaging viewers emotionally and set the tone for your videos. Music can also break up any silent points you might have due to title slides, credits, or other transitions. Try to use music in vlogs that relate to what your video is about. If it’s a slideshow about a tropical vacation, use music that is upbeat. If the video is about Halloween, use spooky music.

Tip: Sometimes YouTube doesn’t allow copyrighted music in videos so it’s always a good idea to have a Vimeo account as a backup for uploading your videos.

There will be times that you find that your video needs no editing. But most often, adding transitions, text, and music will enhance your video. Always watch your video after adding any editing to make sure that your text is spelled right, the video flows together, and that you are happy with the final product.

Over at the VlogTalk site we have tutorials for various editing techniques using iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, and Windows Live Movie Maker.

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  • Laura says:

    Thanks for the great tips! I’m such a novice when it comes to technology so have been seeking help where I can find it! Ladies.. I found this resource useful too http://www.real.com/resources/free-video-editing-software It also offered useful tips and helped me figure out which editing software would be best for me by comparing several.

  • Angela says:

    Thanks for the tips. I have been frustrated with finding music that I can use, so thank you for the jewelbeat.com suggestion.

  • Great ideas and thanks for answering my comment : )

    I’m going to check out jewelbeat for music.

  • Thanks for the tips. Any ideas of how to find free/legal background music? I just did a video on my last post. I didn’t get in front of the camera but got up the nerve to sing the kids yoga song I wanted to share. Although i had the kids sing it with me. Baby steps!

    • I know Jewelbeat.com offer royalty free music for 99¢ a track, and there are other places where it’s completely free/you can just give them credit.

      This post was really interesting. Thankfully I use iMovie on my Mac and it automatically includes transitions between clips – I use the dissolve one mostly as it’s the most natural/least intrusive.
      Along with music you can also use sound effects if it will add to your video, sometimes it can make it seem very childish but if you have an animated logo at the start/end of your video (to show off your brand) then a nice sound effect to enhance that might work really well.