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Why You Should Incorporate Video Into Your Blog

By Feb 28, 2014March 4th, 201414 Comments

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Creating a vlog probably sounds a little scary. But if you want to take your blog to the next level it might be the time to start thinking about incorporating video into your blog posts. Using video on your blog gives you an opportunity to create a great connection with your readers and makes you more valuable to brands! Take some time to get comfortable in front of the camera before posting to your blog and before you know it, you’ll be a pro!

Incorporating Video Into Your Blog

I’ve written about vlogging and using video on your blog a lot, but I rarely discuss why you should incorporate video into your blog.

I pretty much assume everyone just knows it’s a good idea. And it is.

But why?

Here are a few reasons why even the most camera-shy bloggers should really consider video for their blog.

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  • Sight says:

    Target Grip

  • Lori Hil says:

    Great post, I like the video examples. Video marketing has grown massively. Visual content is so important now. Would love to hear what programs everyone is using to record.

  • Luci says:

    Hey there, Nice blog post! I agree that vlogging is great practice for the places you want to go with video! That’s exactly what my goal is as well.

    Til then, I’m enjoying helping people get healthy in simple, easy ways and sometimes it’s just easier to explain things in a video.

    For me, making the video is so much more labor intensive than writing a post, but the outcome is so much nicer. Regarding YouTube, I’ve got completely different followers on my blog and on YouTube. And there are completely people on my newsletter. Not many of them have crossed over and I think it’s because different people like to get their info through different means.

  • Iulian says:

    I want to incorporate video in my blog, but I’m a little scary because I’m not so confidance.

  • I’ve been doing videos since I started blogging. I’ve recently started back incorporating video/vlogging into my blog and its so fun! I’d forgotten how fun it was!

  • Laurie says:

    I love doing videos! It was a little out of my comfort zone at first but it adds variety to my blog. Mama Kat is my hero.

  • {Kathy} The fear factor of video is something I just have to get over, right? Ok……I’ll read on.

  • Mamapotamus says:

    I am only about a month in to using videos on my blog. I have seen a small increase in traffic, but nothing significant. I’m not getting any extra traffic from YouTube yet, but I’m hoping it will come.

  • I did a vlog about a month ago and I loved it! Once I got past the initial awkwardness I was in love w/ the process. I did another one about a week later and plan to do another one next week. So much fun.

  • I don’t use video on my blog as often as I should, I admit I find it too time consuming, but I would like to find ways to get around to posting videos more. Thanks for this post!

  • Happy SITS Day! Wish you the best with your blog. Will swing by to pay visit now.

  • it sounds so easy… but probably it’s not, but I understand why its so important! so why not give it a try?! thx

  • This is something I need to work on cause I am definitely camera shy!

  • Another great post. I would for sure have to brush up on my speaking skills to do a VBlog!