Pixorial For The Win

By Apr 20, 2011April 26th, 201213 Comments

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I finally stopped being lazy and sent my videos in to Pixorial for conversion to DVD. I’m proud of myself. I’ve been meaning to do this for ages. I have no idea why just getting myself to the post office for delivery was (and always is) the hardest part, but I did it. I sent in two videotapes and one USB disk filled with videos and in a matter of days my Pixorial account was filled with the videos I’ve been taking for the past four years.

The best part?

One of the videotapes I sent in happens to contain the only footage I own of my Dad. He died when I was seven so you can imagine how special this video is to me…and how good it feels to know that it’s safe and stored online as well as converted to a DVD that I can keep forever.

It’s old. We’re talking 1980’s old.

It’s boring. My Mom and Dad had a friend who brought over a video camera and they spent the whole time talking about that new “technology”.

But it’s all I’ve got…that’s my Dad. And that little girl on his lap? That’s me. 🙂

I’m a happy camper. And forever a fan of Pixorial.

Video: dad