Pixorial For The Win

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I finally stopped being lazy and sent my videos in to Pixorial for conversion to DVD. I’m proud of myself. I’ve been meaning to do this for ages. I have no idea why just getting myself to the post office for delivery was (and always is) the hardest part, but I did it. I sent in two videotapes and one USB disk filled with videos and in a matter of days my Pixorial account was filled with the videos I’ve been taking for the past four years.

The best part?

One of the videotapes I sent in happens to contain the only footage I own of my Dad. He died when I was seven so you can imagine how special this video is to me…and how good it feels to know that it’s safe and stored online as well as converted to a DVD that I can keep forever.

It’s old. We’re talking 1980’s old.

It’s boring. My Mom and Dad had a friend who brought over a video camera and they spent the whole time talking about that new “technology”.

But it’s all I’ve got…that’s my Dad. And that little girl on his lap? That’s me. 🙂

I’m a happy camper. And forever a fan of Pixorial.

Video: dad


  • How awesome! Love it.

  • Ann Odle says:

    How wonderful to have this saved for you.

  • I don’t have any videos of me when I was a little kid because we were poor, but I do still have my high school graduation tape, and might just have to convert it to DVD!

  • trininista says:

    Wow. So glad you have this memory in a safe place. Happy Easter!

  • Lady Jennie says:

    It’s not boring if it’s your dad. So glad you go that.

  • You totally gave me goosebumps and made me cry. I love stories like this. I am so glad that you checked out PIxorial. You are amazing.

  • Mel Lockcuff says:

    I am definitely checking this out; I have quite a few videos that I’ve needed to get moved to DVD for a long time now, including our wedding video and my video from a trip to Papua New Guinea after I graduated high school some umpteen years ago….could it have been that long, really? Thanks for sharing this.

  • Bonnie says:

    That’s awesome

  • Katybeth says:

    I did this about a year ago for my son. We had 10 years of VHS cassettes of being a family of 3. Starting with early birthday parties. When my husband died unexpectedly in June-2009….I bought a Groupon and sent them off. Now we have a nice stack of the most wonderful memories. Yes we cried but we laughed even more.
    Good for you for getting it done!

  • How special!! We have some videos that need to be converted, thank you for telling us about this service! I’m so happy for you to be able to preserve that one treasured video of your dad 🙂

  • yul says:

    you’re so cute !

    video is amazing.. not only can see the face..also can hear his voice..

    I wish there’s a video of me when I’m still little kid :p

  • Jenny says:


    Great post. I’ll have to check this out!