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5 Tips To Beat The Writer’s Block Funk

By Oct 9, 201433 Comments

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Uggh…The Dreaded Writer’s Block!

If you are a writer, chances are you know exactly what I am talking about, because you have most likely been there with writer’s block at least once, if not multiple times, since you have been writing.

Trust me, as long as I have been writing and sharing, I, too, have had moments where I have lost my writing mojo and thought, “This is it, I have nothing left to say!”

But thankfully, my writer’s block has passed quickly.

If you are reading this, and quite possibly feeling this way, you might be asking, “But how?”

No worries. I have a few tips to help cure the ‘Dreaded Writer’s Block’ now.

5 Tips To Beat Writer's Block

5 Surefire Tips To Beat The Dreaded Writer’s Block Funk

1.  Go for A Walk to Rid Yourself of Writer’s Block

As a young girl, my grandfather would tell me that whatever ailed me, could be cured by a good walk around the block. In other words, go outdoors and unplug from all to clear your head. Nature always has a way of relaxing and settling me. I have found that just a simple walk in my neighborhood alone, or with my family, has given me cause to hit the pause button and regroup a bit. Whether it has been something I have seen or done on my walk, chances are I have come back to my computer at a later point with a story to tell or share with my readers.

2.  Read A Book to Rid Yourself of Writer’s Block

Nothing can compare to opening your senses up to a good book. I happen to love reading, and books are truly the outlet to taking me to another dimension or world quite often. Quite often I will read a book, and get a great prompt, or at least a book review, out of one of my favorite pass times.

3.  Catch Up on Your DVR to Rid Yourself of Writer’s Block

Ok, I admit this one is purely a guilty pleasure. But sometimes I just need to clear my mind, and mindless TV that I have DVR’d is a great way to do this. I can very often come out of this experience relaxed, with more then enough ideas that I have brainstormed from what I have watched.

4.  Live Your Life to Rid Yourself of Writer’s Block

Sounds simple enough, but I am not kidding, living your life and unplugging from all electronics for a few hours or even a day may totally give you an amazing story to put to words. Whether it be sharing a wonderful outing in pictures or a doozy of a temper tantrum (yes I am a mom to two small kids – so my life is truly never complete without these nor dull!), you are sure to have some great inspiration.

5.  Use Prompts to Rid Yourself of Writer’s Block

These are writing challenges out there all over the internet and even SITS Girls had their own right now for this time of the year with a Fall and Back to Blogging Prompts challenge here. Yes, this challenge might be technically over, but it is never too late to use or even embellish upon these prompts if it helps you out of your writer’s block funk. We even have a writing prompt for every day of October you can use.

The biggest answer to writer’s block is to keep writing. Every single thing you write might not be a masterpiece, but the more you do it, the more the words will flow.

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